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Out with the Old

Tue Nov 21, 2017, 4:34 PM
In with the new.
Changing a lot of things here in the coming days, stay tuned.

Updates update updates!

Mon Jan 9, 2017, 7:06 PM
Oh boy I 'm so behind! I'm catching up thought slowly but surely! PLEASE EXCUSE THE COSPLAY SPAM I'M WAY BEHIND ON UPLOADS.
Actual updates coming when I'm done uploading all these friggin pics. 

Afest 2016!!!!

Thu Sep 1, 2016, 10:26 PM
OOOOOH My okay where to start, LOTS happened over A-fest weekend and I had an absolute BLAST! One of the best con experiences I've had in awhile. <3 So let's jump right in!

The previous day I had stayed up super late finishing cosplay stuff and got maybe a solid three hours of sleep before going to work at 5 am Thursday but surprisingly I wasn't completely dead at work. XD I worked only a half day so I could get home and finish packing for the con, ended up taking a two hour power nap so I didn't crash entirely but it helped a whole lot! Got up from my power nap at about 3pm and started to pack like mad! Got everything all tossed in the car and headed over to my buddy :iconcouch-corner-cosplay:'s house since most of us decided to crash at his place the night before the con. I figured I'd might as well see if my friend :iconbooksen: was going to Afest so we could meet up or something and it turns out she just needed a ride so I figured I'm already picking up our other buddy Jay, might as well be the carpool Fiat! XD So with a game plan set for Friday we used the rest of Thursday to finish any super last minute cosplay fixes that needed to be done and then hit the hay, ready for the next day! 

I got up super early, did my crossplay makeup for my Raidou Kuzunoha cosplay (FELT BOSS AF BTW LOVE MY RAIDOU), dressed in half of the cosplay (cause I still had to go pick everyone up, not gonna deck out just yet. XD) and hit the road well before anyone else had even gotten up. I picked up :iconbooksen: first then we headed over to get Jay, he was a bit leery about fitting everything into my tiny Fiat but I know my car! She fit everything just fine! XD We eventually made it to the con, found some parking that seemed shady at first, and of course was stupid expensive but eh it's Dallas on a weekend, and we ended up staying in the lot the whole time. Anyway we half rounded up the group to go stand in line for our badges and after a slight hiccup on the badge end we finally got into the correct line and had to wait a good while. Line con 2016! Finally got our badges, then headed back to the cars since the room was finally ready, tossed all our crap in the room, finished putting on cosplay stuff and went straight to the dealers room since :iconbooksen: was only staying Friday and we didn't want her to miss out on the dealers! There was a lot of awesome merch this year, and the first thing I bought was a coffee shop Kaneki plush cause I wanted to carry him around as Tsukiyama and I honestly spend a tad more than I had planned on but that always seems to be the case with me. XD I got quite the number of picture requests as my Raidou and compliments to boot! I was super excited about that since Devil Summoner is an old ass game now, it's good to see the love! Later on we went and got some grubb, and my cousin :icondoctorgibbles: had arrived at the con finally, so I could do her makeup for her Narumi cosplay that accompanied my Raidou! I headed up to her room, got her all ready snagged some awesome pics with her (though I definitely need more, GAH, she's such a darling Narumi! Who am I kidding shes a darling EVERYTHING :heart:) And we walked around the dealers and artist alley for awhile before it was time for me to run :iconbooksen: home, or at least meet up with her mom halfway, so I drove her back and came promptly back to the con in time for me to get ready for the Rave! Alas the Rave was a bust that night, the music wasn't that great and it felt more like a club than the con raves so we skipped out early on the dance and wandered the artist alley for a bit, which to my surprise I saw an art print of Hannibal and Tsukiyama that I had favorited on Tumblr a few weeks back on display which meant that artist was THERE AT AFEST. I spazzed with delight and noted where the booth was so I could come back promptly the next morning! After a bit of browsing we headed back to the hotel to snooze.

Again I got up super early to do my crossplay makeup (I was a different male the entire weekend it was lovely <3) this time for my Mizumono Hannibal! It took me an HOUR just to do the eyebrows, GAH, I have such dark eyebrows, blocking them out it a bitch and a half. XD Though it all worked out because I have FINALLY after FOUR attempts perfected my Hannibal makeup. *headdesk* So after finishing up getting dressed I headed out the door with Jay to go to the autograph signing, I got my Kaneki Pop figure signed by his English VA Austin Tindle! <3 Also met a really awesome person in line that Jay and I chatted up the whole time we waited. ^^ After we got our autographs we parted ways and I browsed around the artist alley and dealers room for a bit which I bought most of my merch on this day since Hanni is low key as shit and much easier to get through crowds to brows merch in, went right over to that one booth I mentioned with the Hanni and Shuu pic and stayed there chatting up the awesome artists for a good while, they absolutely love my Hannibal cosplay and when I told them I was going to be Tsukiyama Sunday they flipped and said I absolutely had to stop by the next day. XD I ended up commissioning them for some chibis, and bought a lot of awesome ass merch from them! And while I was fawning over all the Tsukiyama merch they had (since like no one else had any) the artist was like "Oh I have one more of him" and flipped open her art book and I proceeded to spazz. SHE HAD A BODY PILLOW OF MY TRASH BBY. I looked up and her and said "Oh you're gonna do this to me aren't ya? You're gonna make me the ultimate trash lord today. This will be the first body pillow I have ever bought, which seals me in as trash lord. Fuck it I want him." XD She happily obliged and I walked away from that booth a very very happy Hanni. XD I met up with the guys for a bit and proceeded to show them all the beautiful trash I had purchased, (TONS of Tokyo Ghoul and Black Butler merch <3) and I of course saved the best for last (the bodypillow) and when I pulled it out of the bag Cody just looked at me like " sweet jesus no." XD I let that bitch fold and on a scale from one to even he couldn't. XD!!! He was just like "NOPE I'm done with you vile trash GTFO." Ahahahaha! I did get a few recognitions as my Hanni but not much, no surprise really I was a lone Hanni with no Will I figured it would happen, no matter I enjoyed cosplaying as him reguardless. :heart: Though I had to fight the strong urge to run upstairs and jump into my Tsukiyama cosplay because I kept seeing SO MANY Kanekis! *heartbreak* After crusing around a bit it was finally time to go to the Tokyo Ghoul panel that Jay and I were attending, so I found him in line and hopped in with him, the panel was awesome, we got to see unreleased story board art and they gave away awesome merch! <3 Also Jay asked the best question ever to the panel and it was what Kagune would all of you like to have? And I flipped when Austin Tindle, Kaneki's VA said he wanted Tsukiyamas, uuuugggh I ship that shit like FED EX. After the panel was over I met up with my cousin who was in her adorable Tony Tony Chopper cosplay for a bit, then headed back with the guys to the hotel to rest, eat, and get ready for the formal ball!
After resting, eating and spending another hour getting ready, I had fully donned my closet cosplay of Ciel Phantomhive and I have to say I make one adorable ass Ciel! Can't wait to get a cosplay of him fully done, even though I had a lot of complements on my closet cosplay!~ Like a lot of people really liked it and when I told them it was a closet cosplay they were like WTF REALLY?? XD :heart: So off we went into the formal ball, I was Ciel Phantomhive, Cody was Tuxedo Mask, George was Vergil DMC3 and Jay was Corrupt Vergil, Cody's friend Samantha joined us later as Princess Serenity. We get into the ball and it's a gorgeous room, theres a few people here and there but more are filing in by the second, we go off to one side for a bit and attempt to learn from George how to friggin ball room dance cause us other three had no clue. XD WOO CRASH COURSE IN DANCING. We all pretty much did our own thing for a little while, I got snatched up by another Ciel and danced with them for awhile then we saw another Ciel come in and decided to make a Ciel army by snatching up every one we saw. XD We had like six by the end of it in a big line it was glorious. We all had a great damn time! They would play classical music then switch it up with some swing and I don't think I've ever danced with so many people in my life as I did that one night! Finally got back to the group and danced with the guys for a bit then some solo with George until I saw a lonely Sebastian sitting off to the side of the dance floor, I kept eyeing them while dancing with George (and the other Black Butler cosplayers giggled that Ciel was dancing with Vergil, hey he's a demon it counts right? XD) and finally George was like just go get em! XD So I walked up to the Sebastian held out my hand and asked them to dance, they took my hand and happily obliged. DEAR GOD I WAS SO EXCITED THAT I WAS DANCING WITH A SEBASTIAN! They were such and awesome person! :heart: We danced for a long time together and when one of the songs ended another lady came up to me while I was still holding onto Sebastian and she whispered to me "He doesn't love you Ciel he just wants your soul!" XD We laughed and went right back to dancing, funny cause the Sebastian pretty much knew what they were doing and I was just like um um how do, XD just like canon. There was a Grell and Undertaker there too spectating us and mid way into one of the songs Sebastian spun me and went to pull me back to them and Grell swooped in and snatched away my Sebastian! The Sebastian was like Oh no! And I chased after Grell scolding him to bring back my butler at once! XD So much sillyness and fun everyone was in character and it was just so amazing! Eventually when my Sebastian got tired I gave them a hug and took a quick picture with them and the others and bid them farewell and a goodnight and returned to the group a HUGE ass smile on my face! Dream come true for my first formal ball! Dance the night away with Sebastian! :heart: Definitely marking it down as an event to always attend!
After the ball we all went to the arcade, played some games for awhile then Jay and I headed back to the hotel to chill, on the way back I ran into some more Black Butler cosplayers and I got super side tracked so I  told Jay to go on without me and hung out for the longest time with them. Super sweet people. ^^ We all exchanged info so I could find them the next day and hang out some more! After a good while and helping the bb group for a bit to show them around the con I headed back to the room to rest before the rave and change. Everyone else was already there so I changed quickly and we headed out! Aaaand just like any other Saturday the Rave was EPIC. It always bombs Friday and is kickin Saturday. XD We had a great ass time, oh and our friend JJ came too! Cody and George had to dip out for a minute because George lost his badge so they went to lost and found to look for it aaaaaand cue creeper, I was dancing near JJ when a guy strolled up to me and no shit just ran his hands down my sides to my hips and said hi I'm 19 how old are you? LIKE WTF MAN WHO DOES THAT TO SOMEONE THEY JUST WALK UP TO. I stepped away from him but he grabbed my hands and was trying to get me to dance and then JJ turned around and went into defender mode and I just darted behind him, I wasn't gonna deal with this crap I was having too great a time at Afest to have a creeper shit on it. Dude darted away but hung around the back of us occasionally waving at me but dude finally took the hint when Cody and George returned. After that crud we stayed for a good while longer and when we were tuckered out we head back to the hotel and crashed.

Got up Sunday kinda early and snagged my Kaneki plush and jumped into Tsukiyama as fast as I possibly could, Cody and George hopped into their Yu Yu Hakusho cosplays, and Jay into his, Cody and George were super excited to get to debut their cosplays that day! And boy was the wait worth it!!! They were such a huge ass hit, like they couldn't take more than two steps without a picture request it was beautiful! :heart: Especially considering Codys wig fiasco, both his stylists dipped on him and it was down to me (who was little wig experience and HATES styling wigs) to try to do something for it. Kurama's hair is this crazy ass pompadour thing, ugh, I tried my best, it does the job but it's by no means fantastic. XD But never the less everyone loved the shit out of them, and I got quite the amount of love for my Tsukiyama as well :heart:, we all walked around for a bit, met up with some friends, and I took as many pics with TG cosplayers as I could. XD
I got one of two reactions everytime either OMG Tsukiyama! *hugs* or OMG Tsukiyama! *runs* Hehehehe. Oh and of course I went back to the one booth I bought the Tsukiyama body pillow at and chatted with them for a long while and picked up my super cute commissions! :heart:
While browsing a booth I heard someone ask me if they could have a photo and when I turned around it was a little kid decked out as Kaneki with full Kagune and everything, I was like OMG BBY CHILD OF COURSE! The cutest damn thing I tell you! Not long after that I ran into the first normal Kaneki I'd seen the whole weekend! Anteiku Kaneki, coffee shop outfit, ugggh they were so cute, even had a little platter and everything! They said they'd be at the contest later with a whole group so I was excited even more for the cosplay contest later! I had hoped to run into them again! After that we bought more merch said by to Angie who had to leave and then George went home too for school the next day. I had to get over to the Majestic Theater soon for the cosplay strut your stuff contest rehearsal so Cody tagged along with me, mainly cause I said one of y'all are taking pics of my trash bby there damn it. XD The place was so gorgeous! Cody went with me to wait for sign up, rehearsal, and then take some pics, I met another awesome person while waiting for sign up that Cody knew too, she was in a Chibiterasu fullsuit and I told her I'd help her on/off stage if need be, so we were contest buddies for the event! XD After the rehearsal Cody took some pics of me at the Majestic, we went back to the hotel to eat and rest before the contest and chill around the con for a bit, I met up with my BB group from the prior day and hung out with them for a bit before they contest.
When we came back JJ came too, he wanted to take the pics of the contest since he'd never been to one before, Cody who had been my picture slave all day happily handed over the camera. XD Poor Cody. Anyway we all were waiting in the black box, the basement dance room, for awhile while the contest hosts got everything all set up, and the Anteiku Kaneki from earlier was there with their whole TG group! I ran over to say Hi and take a photo with them, they were all so wonderful! :heart: I returned to Cody and JJ and just sat around talking for a bit when the Kaneki called out to me and told me to come sit with them! Excited I darted right over and plopped down with them, everyone introduced themselves and it didn't take me long to become the chatterbox that I am. XD They said they'd be doing a dance for the halftime event and I was super excited for that! We chatted for a bit, they got a kick out of the fact that I even had the bloody handkerchief as a prop and said I had to use it on stage of course, exchanged info and then the contest hosts called for anyone that wanted to be apart of the extra cosplay event where the Japanese guests from shows such as One Punch Man, My Hero Academia, Tokyo Ghoul, etc were going to be picking out their favorites and giving prizes! Of course I jumped up and attended, the newly made TG group friends cheering me on. ^^ They ushered us all on to the stage, we posed, took pics, group pics, the guests came up and looked around, etc and then handed out prizes, it was super fun! A nice little warm up event oh and that super duper cute little Kaneki from earlier? Yup they were there and won! I was soo damn happy, kid deserved it, too friggin cute. After they handed out prized the guests from each show thanked everyone from their shows personally and when the director got to me he shook my hand (and kagune it's wrapped around my arm to my hand XD) and exclaimed Ah! Tsukiyama! I thanked him and they ushered us back to the black box, the TG group was waiting on me and I went right back to them, Cody was off somewhere chatting up people like the social butterfly he is and JJ was in the crowd waiting for the contest to start.
The main contest was up first so while they did their thing I chatted with the TG group the whole time, and took some silly pics with them too, learned they came all the way down here from Arkansas! It wasn't long before they called us strut your stuff contestants to the backstage, I was nervous, always am no matter how many of these I do, but the group encouraged me on. ^^ I  got the Chibiterasu cosplayer and headed back with the rest of the contestants, took a couple of deep breaths as I stepped up to be next in line to walk the stage and exhaled when they called my name. I stepped out onto the stage, the crowd cheering, went to the first marker and gave my hair a toss, pointing my kagune hand off to the side crowd in a sweep and yelled out Mon Cher! :heart: Went to the center marker and pointed my kagune arm straight down the center of the crowd, and for the final pose walked to the last maker, pulled my bloody handkerchief out of my pocket shoved that bitch in my face bent my body back as much as I could and screamed out TRES BIEN!!! The crown fucking went ballistic! XD Dear god it was amazing, I hopped off the stage and waited for the Chibiterasu next so I could assist her up the steep slope, while waiting in the dark I kept hearing whispers about my kagune, people saying omg it glows, looks it's glowing! XD I lit it up with El wire though you couldn't see that on stage. When she was done we went back to the black box, everyone cheering when we all came back, Shiew-Wen (the Kaneki) pulled up a chair for me and they all proceeded to tell me how awesome it was. XD Cody was like we could barely hear the cheers down here, but when you went out we heard them a bit louder but DEAR GOD when you pulled out the handkerchief it was like they were in the room screaming. XD YEEESSS LOVE MY TRASH BBY. :heart:
We all chatted and the Chibiterasu and I exchanged info, I kept trying to pep talk the TG group cause they were nervous too, but I knew they'd do great! Finally they got called up and the Chibiterasu and I scooched closer to the live stream they had going on the projector in the black box to await the show! They had a lot of good performances and there was a really awesome FNAF's one, and when they announced the TG group we told everyone to STFU so we could hear! They came out, did their thing and totally fucking nailed it, like damn son, chibi and I kept jeering at the body rolls, pelvic thrusts, and hip wiggles and such. XD And hohoho their Tsukiyama (Penny), chibi said yo that Tsuki-booty, when she had spun around during the dance and chibi told me not to tell her! XD OH YOU BET YOUR ASS I DID HEHEHE. :heart: After their dance was over I waited for them to come back down, but it had been awhile and I was wondering if they had just left which I figured they might have since they weren't being judged for the contest just doing the halftime show, but to my surprise Shiew-Wen appeared and was adamant about coming back to say bye to me even though the group wanted to go, that like made my day. :heart: I went with them upstairs to say bye to the whole group, they were tired and wanted to get some food, I told them how wonderful they did and when they were about to leave 
Shiew-Wen asked me if I wanted to go with them, I did but had to stay for the rest of the contest in the event I had won something so Shiew-Wen invited me up the their room to hang out after I was done here at the contest and I was super excited cause I'd never met people so instantly welcoming as they were and I was happy to accept the offer! After they left I went back to the black box and hung out with chibi till the end of the contest, I didn't win it but that's perfectly fine I just wanted to Strut My Stuff as Tsukiyama on stage, the cheers from the crowd were reward enough for me! :heart:
After that we headed back to the con, Cody and JJ went to do their own thing while I chilled for a bit with the BB group and then headed up to see 
Shiew-Wen and the rest of the group I would be back down later to accompany the BB group into the Rave. I was excited and nervous to go up to the TG groups room, I had never been invited up to someones room before at a con and I didn't know what to expect. I messaged Shiew-Wen and they promptly let me in, they were already out of cosplay and in comfy clothes watching TV and ordering in pizza, we all sat around chatting, they showed me their merch, the gorgeous photos from their TG shoot earlier, alas before I met them! XD And showed me some video of their other dances they'd done before, Penny pulled up one from the last Afest and had said they danced to Lucifer and as I was like wait a minute... and as soon as the video started I was spazzing like OMFG THAT WAS Y'ALL LAST YEAR??? They were quite surprised by my reaction and I was explaining that I was sitting off to the right as one of the contestants that year (Lady DMC3) and when they had come out on stage I was fangirling so hard cause I love that damn song and they were so fantastic! Penny was elated that I was so happy about it, I just kept thinking hooooly shit what kind of professional group have I stumbled upon here!? XD And their like no no we're not pros at this! Bull! :heart: Anyways we had a great time hanging out for a bit, their pizza came and I had to go to accompany the BB group to the rave but I told them if they were all still up and wanted me too I'd come back after, they agreed and told me to take some pizza on the way so I snagged a slice of pizza on my way out and headed to meet up with my BB group.
After rounding them all up, we headed into the rave, and yes I was still Tsukiyama for it. XD Why not! My Kagune looked awesome glowing in there! We all danced for a good while, about and hour or two, and when it was almost midnight I knew I had to go, cause I needed to pay for my parking before it timed out at midnight. There was a few minutes left and I saw a dance circle forming that was empty at the moment and I thought what the hell, go for it, and I had just enough juice in my dying batteries for my Kagune to turn it on one last time, hop my ass in the middle of that dance circle and shake it like you know Tsukiyama can baby! People around the circle started to yell Yeeeeahh Tsukiyama!!! XD Glorious. :heart: I said bye to my BB group and headed out with Cody to pay for parking, afterwards he went back to his game and I headed back up to 
Shiew-Wen's room. We sat around chatting some more while watching one of the Maze Runner movies and just made fun of it the whole damn time. XD It was great. 2 am rolled around, I was beat and the movie was over so we wished one another goodnight and they asked if I'd still be there tomorrow, I was so we planned to meet the next day. I headed back downstairs super happy with the days turnout and met Cody at his game session, while also running into my BB group there too, so they played one more round it now being 3am then we all parted ways, I said bye to my BB group took a pic with them and Cody and I headed back to the room, Jay and Zach already crashed. Cody and I stayed up for just a tad longer eating and talking for a bit before we passed out as well.

Jay woke me up, everyone was already up and packed to leave I was the last one out of bed at 11 or so, I got up dressed in all my TG merch and threw my shit in my car, Jays too since I was his ride. Zach had left at 8 for work and Cody dipped out around noon, Jay and I still wanted to wander a bit and I wanted to meet up with 
Shiew-Wen and the gang so I messaged them, they were eating and headed to the dealers after, so Jay and I walked the dealers till they showed up, Jay went off to look at some things and I stuck with Shiew-Wen, somewhere along the way I lost them in the dealers but they sent me an image of a Tsukiyama figure and I knew exactly which booth they were at and made a bee line. XD I had seen that figure Friday and wanted to get it but didn't and told myself if he was still there Monday he was mine, and WHELP GUESS WHOS ON MY DESK. :heart: After the gang had purchased their last bits of merch they decided it was time to head out and make that long trip home, I asked them if they had any cons up where they were, I'd never been to and out of state con like they have. And their was one they were all looking at attending and said I should go to it with them all as my first out of state con, sounded like a plan to me! ^^ We all said our goodbyes and I rounded up Jay so we could leave, on my way out Chibi texted me so I told Jay to hold on for one second and ran back in to say goodbye to her before we left. After that, Jay and I hopped in the car and I dropped him off at his place and then made my own way home, and started the long process of unpacking. Worst part of every con. XD Shiew-Wen and I talked most the rest of the day, making sure I got home safe and me making sure they got home. Such wonderful people, I'm really glad I got the chance to meet them all, even though they live so far away and I can't see them when I want to. :heart: But! That being said plans for the out of state con are underway and it seems like it's legit happening! I'm beyond excited. My first out of state con!? Whooo boy, I'm just glad I'll be there with friends and not completely alone.

Overall Afest was fan-fucking-tastic like I haven't had this much fun at a con in years, really I ought to thank Cody, he said we needed to branch out more get back in the anime scene we've been absent from for years and look where that landed me, having one of the best cons I've ever been too, making amazing new friends, and getting back into a scene I so desperately missed. 

I've been doodling off and on, nothing serious though. But I did make a Kaneki button for :iconbooksen:'s b-day. :heart: Oh and I have some overdue and upcoming b-day things to get done!

Well con wise things have been awsome I've got another journal to put up about a small shin-dig I went to last weekend, but I'll get to writing that one up asap, probs wont post it just so soon so this one can linger a bit. XD As for other life things jobs going good, peak is about on us now so that means I'm gonna be a zombie for awhile just working, eating, and sleeping from like end of October to damn near mid January, peak is only "three weeks" but really it's three months, so looking forward to my vacation mid October, going up to Illinois for a week to visit family and take grandma on her last trip up, to where she wants to be. :heart: As for me personally...idk I haven't been so well in my own headspace lately and I'm just tired of trying to talk about it, I can't formulate words anymore, I've done beat my brain senseless over the same shit and I just wish I could turn my brain off for like five minutes...insomnia has hit me like a ton of bricks since June, I just can't sleep worth shit anymore no matter what I do. I'm just really tired I guess. I need that vacation bad.

But that's all for now, I'm sure I've done left out things here and there or messed up the order a bit since this journal is so late. XD Whoops. Ugh time just gets away from me, AFEST PICS INCOMING! Till the next journal~

Small Cons July and June 2016

Journal Entry: Sun Jul 17, 2016, 6:03 PM
Small Cons July and June 2016

Okay so I was gonna explain the Tokyo Ghoul thing, yeah so I'm waist deep in the series now. XD I'm hooked. I kept hearing how great it was from my friends and my buddy Cody had said we really need to break away from our old fandoms and start getting into new ones (hence me selling off some of my cosplays I never thought I'd let go) and I thought well it's worth a shot right? And since I've been absent from the anime/manga scene since Deathnote (yeah I've got lots to catch up on. X.X) I figured I'd try to jump back in, and started with Tokyo Ghoul, not only because I heard great things and friends recommended it but also because there was a character on the cover of volume 4 that just his look alone intrigued me so much I just had to learn more about him. So at Akon I picked up the first volume of the manga, read it a week or so after the con when I had time and then when right down to the book store and bought volumes 2-6 and season 1 of the anime. Geeze I have a problem. XD Nah it's just really good! There's not a lot of animes/mangas that I get into and when I find the right one I jump in with both feet! Not to mention I at least wanted to buy up to volume 4 to get to learn about the mysterious character on the cover that stole my heart the moment I saw him, Shuu Tsukiyama, and lordy I love that psychotic evil bastard. (I always seem to love the crazy ones???) XD Ugh he's literally anime Hannibal like I shit you not and friggin Kaneki is Will it's fucking wonderful I'm in heaven with these two. XD Anyways Shuu is everything I wanted him to be and more so naturally I threw that bitch down on my To Cosplay list and just so happened to be able to pull him together out of my Hanni clothes I already had for a small local con Arlingcon!
I've also launched feet first and neck fucking deep into Black Butler, (hence the journal skin) WHY DID I NOT GET INTO THIS SOONER, ugh I love it to death, Ciel you cute little bratty shit, I'll cosplay you soon enough. :heart: (Soon enough, ha I'm funny, I already did a makeup test for him, bought a fucking wig and the contacts, soon is much sooner than soon. XD) Now if I could just force my bf to be Sebastian..... XD No really though I've already bought TG and BB merch and stuff, like shirts, pops, and a fucking lunch box, someone send help. THE WEEB IS REAL. Really though Cody was poking fun at me calling me a Weeb and such and I was like "YOU DID THIS TO ME. YOU GAVE ME THE WEEB." XD He laughed his butt off and was like bitch you've been a weeb I just reminded you of it, and I'm like no seriously though you're the one that said we needed to branch out, see what that does? I killed the little weeblet in me years ago, let it starve and Cody threw it a TV dinner and now the bitch done popped me one in the face and moved on in like SUP BITCH I'M BACK, MISS ME? XD (rereading this my head is such a strange place sometimes. XD)

I literally heard about Arlingcon and Let's Play Gaming Expo a day before they started, saw a few cosplay friends posting about it and decided what the heck let's go check it out. So the night before the con I sat down and started to work on a makeup test for Shuu and it turned out FANTASTIC OMG I swear I took so many photos of my Test Shuu Makeup than I did the whole thing put together. XD I ended up using mostly all Hannibal cosplay clothes to throw him together, it was very much a closet cosplay, but that's okay it was just for this little con, I got all his stuff done proper now for the real cosplay of him come Afest. (kagune included! ^O^) I had everything for a closet cosplay of Shuu except the wig, I didn't have a purple wig at all, so I thought what the heck it's a closet cosplay anyways I'll get a nicer wig later and popped by Party City and bought a jank party wig. XD I cut it to length, styled it, and tossed it on my head and headed to the con! I threw down some pics real quick to my friend letting them know I'd be there and my bf's sister said she'd see me there! I ended up meeting one of my other friends there and we walked around for a bit till Angelas bro, my cousin, showed up and they took off together just as I ran into my bf's sis Bobii cosplaying as Tina from Bob's Burgers! Good timing! XD I don't like to be a con's by myself it's much more fun with a friend and Bobii and I had a great day together :heart: I love hanging out with her and we really need more time together so it was a welcomed turn of events. We ran around the con, bought merch, had lunch, watched the contest, and got a few pics taken. One girl suuuuper loved my Shuu,


and asked for a picture of me, I happily obliged and pulled out the napkin dabbed with Kaneki's blood that he friggin huffs in the bathroom like a creeper and as soon as she saw it she squealed. OMG YOU HAVE THE NAPKIN. I laughed and said of course I do! Would you like me to smell it? She lost her shit and was like agohgaoigrgnoiga YES. XD So I pose for the pic, napkin shoved in my face, eyes rolled back in my head, and bending backwards like a damn noodle really into this shit and she's loving it.


XD I love seeing people fangirl/boy it's the cutest damn thing. :heart: She thanked me and we chatted for a bit before she went on her way and Bobii is laughing her butt off over my performance for that pic. XD She told me I was really into it and I replied well yeah Shuu's a friggin creeper. XD :heart: All in all it was a great day at a fun little con, it's nice to go to the little cons every now and then, much less stressful and much more friend time!

Let's Play Gaming Expo~
With Arlingcon over the next little one was Let's Play Gaming Expo and it was literally the very next day, so again I thought let's check it out! Cody ended up going with me to this one, he was Auron and I was Chell since it was more of a gamer con and boy were we a hit. XD Every few feet Cody and I were stopped for pics, individually and together it was awesome the amount of love these old characters were getting! We browsed around, bought some merch, and had a good time with it remembering all these old games from our childhood. ^^ Quite a few people asked us if we'd be in the contest later but I had plans later that evening and couldn't attend but that's okay we had a great time regardless! :heart:

North Texas Comic Book Show~
Decided to check out NTCBS again this year since my bf didn't get to go last year and I figured with him being a big comic guy he'd like it. So we took Lady and Vergil out to try our hand at the contest and unfortunately no dice, it didn't seem to be a construction based contest as so much as a crowd favorite contest and well not many people remember DMC3 now a days, but that's okay we had fun and I got to see the artist that did my Fawn drawing and he gave me the print of it! :heart:

Live Model Sketch Event~
I took off early from work Wednesday to make it to the event and had my Fawn stuff packed in the car the night prior. I made it to the comic shop, they let me change and get into makeup in the bathroom, and I patiently waited for the others to show up, one of the other girls cosplaying as Harley came in and we chatted for a good while before the others arrived and the event started, turns out just about all of us there either knew one another or had seen one another at cons countless times but never formally met. XD We all had a great time with it, did our poses for the artists to draw then sat for a bit for them to focus on the details, some of the cosplayers had a second costume with them and I helped the Harley change into her second outfit while I got out of my Fawn I was one and done after the Fawn. XD All the artists were wonderful! We got to sign the works afterwards and a few of them are going to let us keep the art when they finish them up, (this was more of a sketch time than full ink and color) and the store even gave us a discount on merch so I snagged a few comics and such. ^^ The man running the event whom I know from prior cons thanked us all for being there and gave us envelopes with tip money from the artists and asked if we'd all like to do and event like this again sometime, of course all of us said yes! I'm excited for the next time they do the sketch event it was a great time meeting and hanging out with new and old cosplay friends. :heart:

OOOOOOOOH ya'll I've been bussssy on cosplay stuffffff. XD Shuu is damn near doneski. I was a bit lazy this weekend so he's not done like I waned him to be, but like 85% done. I've also got a Raidou Kuzunoha cosplay in the works. (and Angie is gonna be my Narumi I could scream I'm so excited!) I'm finishing the last bit on my S2 Finale Hannibal. (yes the super fucking depressing one *cries*) And tossing together a quick closet coplay of Ciel Phantomhive for the Masquerade Ball for Afest, we've always wanted to go the Ball but never did get to and damn it we're going this time! And since I've fallen so deep into Black Butler alongside Tokyo Ghoul I'm gonna be Ciel for the ball, no time to do a proper cosplay of him, (unless I really wanna break myself XD) but we'll see. Oh and funny thing is.......Cody, George, and I want to attend the Masquerade Ball right??? Well, Cody and I don't know how to ballroom dance, but George does so he's gonna teach us before the con. XD This is gonna end badly I just know it, don't worry I'll make sure to catch video of him teaching Cody cause we all know that's gonna be priceless. XD I'm so mean.


*cries more* XD Nah everything is good, works just pulling overtime out the ass on us lately so I'm dead tired but I've got so much to do ALL THE TIME. Ugh, it's like a bee's nest in my head each buzzing bee is something I have to get done and I can focus on one for a few minutes until another comes zooming by then I focus on that one and it just leaved a jumbled hive of swarming bees buzzing around and I can't focus on just ONE. GAH. *deep breath* Four weeks till the con I can do this. :iconbigthumbplz:

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Akon and Comic Con 2016!!

Sun Jul 3, 2016, 3:29 PM
YOOOOO this is late. Heh. Busy busy....also slightly lazy.

Okay lets jump right into it! As I said in my previous journal Akon and Comic Con were the same weekend but I'll try to keep this as organized as possible.

Akon Friday~
After packing in a frenzy the night before and literally having a meltdown over my Hannibal wig needing significant restyling we managed to wake up super early Friday hop in our cosplays, I was Chell that day, my boyfriend was just casual, and Cody was Auron and make it to the hotel early to dump our stuff off and head into the con. We hunted around for the registration line and ended up walking clear past it. XD They move it every year. Cody already had his badge so he dipped out for awhile while JJ, my bf and I waited in line for onsite. SURPRISE they went back to having separate lines but since they make you sign up now onsite instead of just paying for a badge and writing your name on it the onsite took way longer than pre redge would have....yet that's the point of onsite, pay more and get your badge faster. Whelp pre redge it is next year, still point one to you Akon. So that's at least one thing they fixed this year, sepparate badge lines, though the badges were still paper and people were CONSTANTLY losing them every 5 minutes over the mic you could hear a name called out for lost badge, and whats stranger is they used heat sensitive Texas. Oook. Anyway whatevs I don't lose my badges no biggie. So we got our badges met back up with Cody and headed to the artist alley and lo and behold the line was moving HELLA FAST, no more cutting the line in sections due to fire code hazard they just filed ya in, point two. Heck yes. We browsed the AA for a good while and to my surprise I got a lot of pics/compliments on my Chell, people were especially happy that I made the long fall boots. XP I didn't really think people remembered Portal 1 Chell very well but huzzah! :heart: (Oh side note so I currently have a buzzed head, yeah I buzzed all my hair off for Furiosa, go hard bby XD, and I looked straight up like a prison bitch mama in my orange jumpsuit, white tank, and buzzed head. XD Glorious.) While sifting through the AA I came across a particular Hannibal print that made me squeal so friggin loud and proceed to bounce up and down, the general masses around me lost their shit laughing over my fangirling. XD I cant' help it it's Hanni! And well of course I bought it, I made out with 1 print, 4 buttons, and a bookmark I was fucking ELATED. That's the most Hanni shit I've ever seen at a con. :heart: Anywhoo we were all pleasantly surprised at just how different akon made the AA merch wise and amount wise it was quite lovely, it wasn't like the last three years where it was the same booths, same merch, same everything, it was refreshing, third point to you Akon. 
Next we moved into the dealers room and I was suuuuper happy because Pawstars came back! They make awesome raver and fetish gear and I had been telling my bf about them for years but they never came all the times he went and finally they were back! I asked the vendor about it and he said the reason being is that there is a 5 YEAR wait list for the dealer room. O.O GEEZE and I thought it was hard to get an AA booth! Any whoo dealers room isn't really where I spend my cash, I mostly shop AA but I did pick up some cute shirts and a manga. 
(Speaking of said manga I got the 1st volume of Tokyo Ghoul because Cody was saying we really need to branch out into more fanbases and let our old ones settle ya I kept hearing good things about TG from some of my friends and decided what the hell I'll try it....yeah I'm hooked. XD More on that in my next journal) We whipped through the dealers room kinda quick because we spent most the time in the AA so the dealers was closing down fast, after closing I met up with my cousin, who was cosplaying as the most adorable Tony Tony Chopper ever, snagged a pic with hear and headed to the hotel to chill for a bit, eat, and meet up with our other friends Amanda and Eric that were also staying with us. We bummed around a bit, got back into cosplay for a little while and went to check out the other rooms of the con before we had to head back to get ready for the rave.
Rave time came and we all got decked out like we do and headed over, and to our super duper shock the rave started ON TIME. Holy shit like wow. The past ????? forever, Akons raves have started one to two hours late every night but they had their shit on lock down! Point four, I tip my hat to you Akon. So we get in, get our spot off the the right hand side like we always do, don't like to be too close to the center, we all dance rather spaciously. XD Had a great time the first two DJ's were...okay. But the third one made up for it, and the whole crowd cheered for an encore from him, well deserved too. Oh oh and I did something hilarious, we're all dancing in our own little circle we made of just us friends, my bf is off to the side a bit twirling his lights around and I'm across from him dancing and spinning around with my finger lights on. This chick comes out of no where and starts to party boy up on my man and I look up see her and his annoyed face and in one fluid motion I crossed the circle spun and slipped inbetween them facing her and twirled my finger lights around. XD She got the hint and took off then my whole group busted the fuck out laughing at my epic cock block and I didn't do it once that night, I did it twice when a guy got up on my man later on. XD NOPE THATS MINE THANK YOU. After the rave we were all pooped, headed back to the hotel and crashed for the night. Ready for day two!

Comic Con Saturday~
Got up early enough did my dirty makeup for Furiosa and my bf did his for Max, got our cosplays all on, also while assisting Cody into his Asriel from Undertale cosplay, and parted ways with the friends for our adventure to Comic Con. Oh boy.
First off, we got halfway there and realized my bf left his comics he was gonna get signed, turned around while making lots of wrong turns, damn you Dallas and your one ways, got the comics and headed back to the con. We finally found parking (yeah I clearly wasn't driving because of that arm XD) and headed in, while on the way a group of about three guys sitting on a bench hollared at us the one guy asked what we were from and I told him mad max, they liked our costumes and the other said oh hell your shits CLEAN! (talking about my buzz cut) I laughed and thanked him, turning to face him and wave my metal arm at him and then he said Oh SHIT AND she's hot! XD My boyfriend and I laughed and I said Damn right in response and we continued on our way. XD We got into the con, headed to weapons check for my bfs prop gun and went to snag tickets, got a lot of oohs and ahhs along the way and just a few pics till we hit the main exhibit hall, WHICH WAS HUGE this year, and ridiculously packed. O.O I literally had to walk sideways through the crowd at times, I mean yeah I know it's the big Comic Con and Saturday but jeebus man. Anywhoo we ran around aimlessly searching for the booth so my bf could get his comics signed, didn't find it, was getting frustrated, so I told him lets head back to the front and get a program guide, did that and found it quickly. Turns out though the guys my bf wanted to sign his comic was signing for VIP members only. Wow....woulda been nice for ya'll to have said that on the damn website in the autograph lists, or at least the damn program guide. Pfft whatever, my bf was a bit miffed but he just brushed it off, and we enjoyed the rest of the day looking at all the awesome stuff at Comic Con, getting pics taken, and conversing with the other fans. I really didn't buy much, Comic Con had a lot of the same stuff it always did so despite the HUGE venue we moved through the merch quick. Funny enough while we were looking at a booth I kept hearing a faint buzz buzz buzz and I told my bf that sounds like a tattoo gun. He figured it was the metal working guys at one of the previous booths, but I swore it was a tat gun. After walking around a bit more lo and behold we come around the corner of a curtained off booth and it's literally a fucking tattoo booth, you could seriously get fresh ink right there at Comic Con, that's cool as shit! Other booths we ran across were a piercing booth, a henna booth, and a nail booth! XD Full on body mod here at Comic Con. 
We bummed around a bit more, I got my brother some comics and a Pop figure and while looking at the comics I ran into my boss from work! XD I had hoped to see him there since I told him all about my Furiosa cosplay at work and he snagged a quick pic of me and my bf before we headed out, got some more pics taken on the way out head headed back to the hotel to chill for awhile since Comic Con doesn't stay open late and it was about closing time and we'd been there all day. George got out of his Max cosplay and I half got out of Furiosa, we ate, relaxed, Cody and JJ came back for a bit and then I put Furiosa back on to go bum around Akon for just a bit before the Rave.

Akon Saturday~
We were only at Akon Saturday for a bit, most of the day we spend at Comic Con. We checked out the little bar in the Anatole for a bit where I ran into one of my Hannibal friends and we gossiped for while while the guys had a few drinks. Afterwards we checked out some of the other rooms and floors of Akon, saw a few of my work friends and my cousin briefly, then headed back to the hotel to get ready for the Rave that night, on the way back there was a very very overly enthusiastic Max fan that just gushed over my Furiosa and, me being me, just so happened to be carrying silver edible cake spray with me all day for just such an occasion, I asked him if he wanted me to witness him and pulled out the spray, he spazzed with joy. XD So I proceeded to make this big long loud speech in the middle of the room, everyone passing by stopping to stare and sprayed him in the mouth with the cake spray while he screamed WITNESS. It was fucking glorious! XD :heart: After that crescendo we headed back to the hotel to change for the Rave. I couldn't get my regular outfit to cooperate that night (shaved head + trying to keep 6 lbs of dreads on my head with just a headband + hella tired arm from furiosa = lol no not tonight bitch) so I just donned my batman onesie and did some quick harley quinn makeup and called myself bedtime harley. BUT of course while standing in line for the Rave everyone called me teenage negasonic warhead. *facepalm* Okay.... Whateves. XD We got in found our other people and proceeded to dance the night away, very half asses. XD We were all too tired from the previous night to really go ham which was a shame because the music was EPIC AS FUCK. Point number 5 to you Akon you have officially redeemed yourself in my groups eyes. I commend you and take a bow. :iconbowingplz: We danced long into the night but dipped out before the Rave was done because we were all exhausted and hungry. We popped into Dennys grabbed some grubb and crashed back at the hotel.

Akon Sunday~
Con time is about done, the guys all went casual but, me being me, I decided to cosplay for Sunday which I normally don't do but we were gonna be there for awhile so Cody could check out the dealers room and AA since he didn't get to days prior. I got up stupid early, did my makeup for Hannibal and got all ready by the time the boys were up. And me being the horrible horrible cosplay masochist I am went not just as Hannibal but Murder Suit Texas. LORDY. So I'm wearing a full suit, thick crossplay makeup, wig, and a full body vinyl suit glove and shoe covers. THE SWEAT WAS REAL. XD BUT! It was all worth it cause I looked goooood, and I made one Fannibal in particular fangirl so damn hard, she saw me screamed, asked for a picture and was fangirling the whole time, went to step away but came back and said sorry but I really just wanna hug you and I happily obliged, hugged and she said i must be dying in that suit but I told her it's all worth it just for that reaction. :heart: And it certainly was. I actually had quite a few people recognize my Hanni which made me very very happy! :heart: Hanni loooove! Anywhoo, we bummed around with Cody and JJ while they got the last of their merch, saw my cousin one more time and I changed in the car before we all parted ways and headed home with another awesome con under our belts. :heart: I'm proud of you Akon, ya'll did kick ass this year, keep up the good work!

~Upcoming Cons
I've got another journal to write about some small cons we attended and to fill y'all in on the TG thing but that's later. Our current next cons are coming up quick being a small one, North Texas Comic Book Show and then a big one, Afest!!!! :heart: I can't wait for Afest! I've got THREE NEW cosplays in works for it, whoo boy 2016 I'm on a roll this year. XD BUSY BUSY BUSY. More on all that in the next journal!

Ehhhh trying to come out of an art block/find time to art at all (besides cosplay obviously) so I'm gonna poke around for some 30 day art challenges or something to get me back in my swing. It's not lack of motivation, it's lack of time really....

Things are going good, I just planned my vacation, sounds weird to say that, normally my vacas are just single days here and there but this year I'm actually taking a full week vacation to go see family up north (Illinois BABY!! :heart:) with my mom in October, and again, me being me, instead of leaving Thursday night we're gonna leave Friday night so I can go to Comic Con (the small one) before I go up north. XD I don't wanna miss it! Oh! Also I've been formally invited to attend a Live Model Drawing Session down at one of the comic shops in the next few weeks as my Fawn! The guy that set it all up had seen my Fawn back at All-Con last year and was inspired to do and art piece based of my design, found me via my Cosplay Facebook page and gave me the art piece! Then recently asked me to attend the drawing session as my Fawn! ^^ Friggin epic! I'm very excited! :heart:

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Quick bit of updates on what I've been up to besides working my butt off. T.T 

~Walker Stalker Con Dallas!!

Had and AWESOME ass time at WCSD I went as Will Graham with my custom little Hannibal figure strapped to my fucking head because YES, and my boyfriend went as Ellis from L4D2. We were genuinely surprised at the amount of expansion that the con got in just a year, it almost perfectly doubled in size, maybe a bit more than that, and we kinda lucked out with missing the crowd since we went Sunday instead of Saturday but that's kinda a good thing honestly cause it was still super busy Sunday! Any whoo, I got a LOT of compliments on my Will I was suuuuuper duper happy to see the sheer amount of Fannibals that attended the con and spent most of my time fangirling with each and every one of them. :heart: I got even more inquires on my Hanni figure, like literally had people freaking out like WHERE DID YOU GET THAT. XD
*clutches Hanni* HE'S MINE! XD But nah I gave them all the site I got the parts off of to spread the Fannibal love! :heart:

It was funny though quite a few people took pics of me just because I had a little man sitting on my head they had no idea who I was none the less him. XD 
Quite a lot of people actually thought I had a little Governor on my head. XD Well makes sense it WAS a primarily Walking Dead convention. XP That's perfectly fine I loved all the silly conversations that ensued shortly afterwards. Speaking of, I guess I make a pretty convincing man when I'm in my Will cosplay because when I went into the womens bathroom I got QUITE THE GLARES and curious stares...though that could've been from Hanni on my head. XD 

Anywhoo most of the day we browsed all the awesome art and wares at the booths, bought some awesome ass merch and then headed over to the line for 
Melissa Hutchison (Clementine's VA) so I could get her autograph on Angie's Clem hat, she was suuupper excited to see me come up cosplaying as Will and asked if SHE could take a picture of ME. *faints* So she did and she said she's sending my pic to her friend that runs the convention because she's a suuuuper Hanni fan and is the reason Team Sassy Science was that the friggin con! *double faints* Course she asked me if I had seen them yet which I hadn't, my photo op was later on in the day and she told me I HAD to come back and tell her all about it! :heart: Melissa is so friggin wonderful! :heart: We chatted for a bit longer and she signed Angies hat, I got a quick photo with her and we headed on about our day. ^^

Whilst browsing the booths I had to do a TRIPLE take on this guy cause I literally thought Andrew Lincoln (Rick Grimes) showed up unannounced at the con but what it turned out to be was a cosplayer that won the Rick Grimes look alike contest taking pics with people and OMG did he fucking look EXACTLY LIKE RICK. It was freaky awesome! Oh oh and while browsing some Hanni merch the merch lady complimented me on my Will cosplay and was telling me that she saw the best Hannibal cosplay a few years back at Comic Con she said they were the Wendigo Suit Hannibal, big antlers and all, even had a little wine glass, and the more she described the cosplay the more I grinned and I pulled up a picture of my Wendigo Suit Hanni cosplay and showed it to her asking if it looked like this and she flipped out. XD OMG YES THAT WAS YOU TOO!? *EGO BOOOOOOOST* I nodded and told her I'll have to spruce him up and bring him out again for her! ^^ Afterwards we attened one of the panels and were watching some of The Walking Dead actors do a Q and A when I heard someone call to me and I looked up to see a lady coming at me phone at the ready for a pic and she just so happened to be the convention lady that Melissa had mentioned! She came up to me and said There you are! Melissa told me about you! I need a picture! So of course I posed for her and she asked me too if I saw the boys yet. XP And I thanked her IMMENSELY for being able to get them for this convention. <3 
We also got stopped by some radio guys to comment about the last episode of The Walking Dead and apparently they were gonna air it later that night but we never did try to catch it, I had forgotten anyways. XD

Alas while I did get to meet a bunch of lovely Fannibals I didn't see a single other Hannibal cosplayer, I at least see another Will at the cons but then again it was Sunday, but that's okay I made a lot of Fannibals happy and that's what counts and made some new friends too. ^^ Anywhoo we saw pretty much everything there was to see and headed off to my Photo Op with the boys, GAH I was a nervous damn wreck waiting for the photo op, I'm so bad when it comes to celeb photos I damn near have panic attacks even though they're over so fast! X.X So they call us in, my dear stands off to the side, and I jump in with the boys they make silly comments on my (Will's) taste in clothing and snap the pic. I kinda derped in the photo cause they made my laugh! XD But that's okay my boyfriend says instead of skeptic Will like I was aiming for I'm sassy Will and fuck it I'm rolling with that. XD THE DERP IS STRONG WITH THIS ONE.

So after the pic of course I went straight back to Melissa to tell her all about it, she was super excited to see me come back and we chatted for a bit longer until it was time to head out, I was hoping to have the boys sign my photo but alas they had left for the day after the photo ops. But that's okay I'll see them next time they're in town! ^^ 
Aaand so after a long AWESOME day we headed back home, we had to make a quick detour at Walmart, and I took Hanni off my head but naturally kept my Will cosplay on the whole time and while walking through Walmart I was wondering why the crap is everyone staring at us. Oh yeah, I'm dressed like a man and my boyfriend is holding my hand in a little hick town in the middle of nowhere. XD EMBRACE IT YA'LL, EMBRACE. :heart:

So all and all an awesome ass con, got to see old friends, new friends, awesome actors, artists and cosplayers, and spend a lovely day with my dear. ^^ And we originally weren't going to attend this year until they announced Team Sassy Science and I was like BITCH I'M GOING. XD

~All-Con 2016

Again another con we were going to skip this year but I decided hell if we can swing the contest lets do it, unfortunately the contest filled up as soon as it opened and I didn't even get a chance to blink before the slots closed. XD Oh well better luck next year, we planned to attend Sunday just to check it out but that all fell through as well so I said fuck it, I was highly annoyed at work that day anyways so I took the rest of the day off Saturday and went to All-Con by myself. I rushed home donned my Will cosplay again, strapped on my Hanni because damn it if I was going to the convention alone.....yes I'm counting my Hanni as an attendee....he was company to me okay!? XD And jumped in the car!

I gotta say the new hotel was strange the setup was really cringe worthy but it's their first year there and it tends to be like that the first year but I think it had a lot to do with the hotel design itself, very strange, all spread out and such. Also they wouldn't let anyone use the stairs you had to use the elevator and the con was on the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 20th floor...I waited in line for half an hour just to get to the third floor and ended up deciding to just not go up there. Ugh. Missed a panel I wanted to see damn it. Oh well.

Anyways it was super weird being at a con by myself I felt like EVERYONE was looking at me all the time, even though I know they weren't, and it was hard to get away from booths because I didn't have a friend to dart off too and then I felt super awkward when I didn't buy anything from everyone. >< *sighs* Damn you social anxieties....

But I got to see a lot of cool merch, met more awesome Fannibals :heart:, confused the heck outta people XD, and got to run around as Will all day. ^^ I was planning on staying for a few hours but ended up only staying only two since I had seen everything, couldn't get to the other floors, and didn't have any friends there to spend some time with, so I called up my buddy Cody and went to hang out with him the rest of the day. Oh and as I was leaving the con I heard someone behind me say "Hey you!" so I turned to look at them and a light bar was suddenly right by my face and a huge friggin camera, the lady started snapping pics and I quickly composed myself enough to at least give her a smile and when she was done she said "You'll be in the Dallas Observer on Monday!" I was suuuper excited about that because my Wendigo Suit Hannibal made it into the Observer when I debut him too! :heart: And the picture came out lovely! 

Sunday rolled around and our plans for All-Con that day fell through after I was already in cosplay as Rebecca Chambers so I called up Cody and told him to get on his Barry cause I'll be damned if I got in cosplay for nothing! XD So we spend most of the day at the part taking pics of our Rebecca and Barry cosplays, which is excellent cause my Rebecca needed some more pics. ^^

~Upcoming Cons

For now con season is slowed down, next one isn't until the end of April and idk if we'll be going since it's another small one but we'll see, otherwise our next planned ones are of course Scarborough Faire which goes on and entire month or so, and Akon and Comic Con, which unfortunately, fall on the same weekend so our plans are to attend Akon all Friday, Comic Con Saturday till it closes around 6 then head back to AKon for the rest of the day, then Akon again Sunday, but usually on Sundays we're all too tired and just pack up and head home, time will tell! My tentative plans for those cons are to do Chell from Portal for Akon Friday, Furiosa from Mad Max: Fury Road for Comic Con Saturday, and maybe my Hanni Sunday for Akon. 
I need to get on the ball with Furiosa though I've been ridiculously lazy lately. I blame all this rain, it just makes me want to sleeeeeeep all the time. :iconsleepyplz:


Working on Chell and Furiosa at the moment and a bit of revamping my Hannibal on the side, got myself a new suit and I'm hella excited about it. :heart: 

I've got such a back log of pics to upload like dear Jeebus, so much that you may have noticed I changed my tag line on my profile to "Why haven't I uploaded these yet" XD
My list to upload is Hanni Figure Pics, Daryl Figure Pics, S.T.A.R.S. Jill Snow Pics from 2013, RE3 Jill Snow Pics from 2013, RE5 Jill Snow Pics from 2013, Claire Snow Pics from 2013, Edonia Sherry Snow Pics from 2013, Wolf Carol Pics DCC, Will and Hanni Pics WSC and All-Con, Rebecca and Barry Pics. Looooord the backlog.....


Yeaaaahhh nothing going on there till I get through my back log. T.T


Uh, pretty good so far, saw Bats V Supes the other day, good movie, but not what I was hoping from it honestly, it just felt like they tried to cater to the average joe first and then thought oh wait the comic/series fans too as and after thought and then the things they put in there for the comic/series fans made no sense to the abverage joe so it was a jumbled story all around. But Ben Affleck did a hell of a job as Batman and that's all that matters. XP

Other than that I had a pretty damn girly day the other day and went out and finally did something with my Carl Grimes friggin hair. XD Got a bob done, black top with red base, my friends tell me I look like the chick from Pulp Fiction. XD Guess that's better than Carl? Got my nails done too, stilettos (pointy claws hehehehe) that are black and fade to red so I'm all decked out in black and red and it's lovely. :heart:

Also been accumulating some sweet ass Hanni merch from the past cons and over the webs, bought the TV series soundtracks, a couple off off shoot books, the art book, shirts, prints, stickers and a cute ass art bag so right now everything is Hanni and nothing hurts! *clutches Hanni figure and sobs* XD Also looking into getting my little Hanniboo some new digs, gotta get those pics up for ya'll of him! I will damn it I'm just slow. XD *stares at RE pics from 2013* Very fucking slow. XD

Aaaand I think that's about it for now, till next tiiiime!~

Selling Cosplays and Valentines Weekend Comic Con

Journal Entry: Tue Feb 16, 2016, 12:02 PM

Selling Cosplays

As you may have seen I'm listing some of my cosplays for sale, yes I know some of you are thinking "No don't sell that one or that one! Noooo!" XD But I've got to get old ones out so I can make new ones! And if I don't let go now I never will, I 'm a damn pack rat. >.< So that being said if any of you are interested please NOTE me with any inquiries you may have. :heart: Please note that all cosplays are sold AS IS and some have parts that are FIRST COME FIRST SERVE. Example: Sherry Edonia and Sherry China, BOTH are offered with the wig BUT whichever sells FIRST will get the wig, and not the other, all cosplays are sold with free shipping. Please read the descriptions of the cosplays fully before noting me.

Valentines Weekend and Comic con!

Had an absolutely wonderful Valentines weekend with my love! We went and saw Deadpool Saturday night (which was friggin AMAZING GO SEE IT NAOW) and went to Dallas Comic Con Sunday morning, he was of course Deadpool and I was Carol "Wolf" Peletier! We had a blast as usual at Comic Con, got some awesome merch, met up with awesome friends, and had a great damn day! I was thrilled that people recognized my Wolf Carol and loved it, and I even had a few people tell me I looked just like her and asked if I was. XD I wish! 

After the con we headed back home to get ready for The Walking Dead to come back on and WOAH what an episode!!!! (If you wish to discuss the episode please keep it vauge in the comments or note me so as to not spoil others thanks!) Now that's a way to kick the season back off!! :heart:

Our next upcoming con is Walker Stalker Con in March where I'm going to get to meet Scott Thompson (Jimmy Price from Hannibal) and Aaron Abrams (Brian Zeller from Hannibal) part of team sassy science! :heart: And we'll only be going for one day so I will be cosplaying as Will Graham for the pic with team sassy science. ^^ I might also snag an autograph from Melissa Hutchison (Clementine's VA) for my lovely cousin since she won't make it to the con. I'm super looking forward to Walker Stalker this year! Woo!

Anyways on to other things, my brother and I went and saw Zoolander 2 last night and omg that movie. XD Like I don't have words for it, just go see it. 
I'm also digging through hella old pics on my comp and uploading them, thus the flood, and some new pics too, and debating whether or not to finish coloring/inking half the damn digital art that's just sitting on my comp or just be lazy and upload the sketches. Bleh. XP

Annd well that's all for now that I can think of, um everything is going alright here at home with what happened in the last journal, and really we're just taking things a day at a time. 

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Gladys Parker, my grandma.

Journal Entry: Mon Jan 11, 2016, 7:33 AM
As some of you may know from my past journals I live with, and take care of my grandma and grandpa, have been for the last few years and yesterday was the last day I got to spend with my beloved grandmother.

I lost one of the most influential people in my life last night, my grandma. She was a strong, smart, wonderful lady that did everything she could for everyone and never asked for anything in return, she was an artist, a chef, a badass little lady, and the best damn grandma on the face of this planet and I'm gonna miss her terribly every second of the day. Rest in Peace grandma, your Jujubee loves you with all her heart.

If I'm not online much in the next few days this is why, I just need some time to myself right now....

10406696 971645236202498 8794752479031110082 N by KiingCannibalGrandma and Pop (2) by KiingCannibal

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Okay I'm gonna get through this quickly short a sweet.

~Comic Con October
I always have a wonderful time at Comic Con it never fails me! I cosplayed as Carol "Scarol" Peletier from The Walking Dead and was met with the utmost of happiness from a good lot of people! It was quite funny because I had people wanting to eat the fake cookies I had made and while wading through the crowds I would hear people whisper "Carols cookies". XD I scored some awesome merch as always and got to meet James Marsters (Spike on Buffy the Vampire Slayer) and got his autograph on a Funko Pop figure of Spike! He was such a sweetie and I was a blushing pile o' goo talking to him, he was my childhood crush! ^///^ Comic Con is always a blast and I can't wait till it comes around again!

Went to two Halloween parties actually, one a few weeks before Halloween where I was the Bubble Head Nurse from Silent Hill and I did my boyfriend up as one of the Mushroom head guys, then went to :iconcouch-corner-cosplay:s Halloween party Halloween night after work, I had him scared that I'd come to the party as Lisa from P.T. but I had a much better idea of what to wear. Thus I donned my alternate suit for my Hannibal cosplay and did my face up as a creepy ass teddy bear (see new gallery pics), or as I like to say Evil Freddy Fazbear. Hehehe. Everyone got a kick out of it and I scared a good lot of em, one of the gals thought I was a decoration because I was sitting on the couch watching Silence of the Lambs and I was rather still, then I turned and looked at her and she about came outta her skin. XD Oh I loooove being creepy. I also made, for both parties, Murder cupcakes, Hannibal inspired of course, you can see them in my gallery. :heart: They were super yummy with a surprise in each one. >;)

Okay I'll cut to the chase here, I ended up getting the new job! Woooo!!! BUT, it's peak season which means I'm gonna have overtime out the ass (but that check though *drools*) so instead of having an extra day off I'll be working overtime probably until the new year honestly. Luckily con season is pretty much over with for this year and as soon as I can I'll put in for a schedule change so I can hopefully have weekends off for cons when the season picks up again the new year. All that being said cosplay is gonna get pretty slim till the new year but I already have something planned of course. ^^

On to the bad stuff as always...well remember how my grandma broke her hip a few months back and she's all healed up and good now? Well, she fell a few days ago and broke the OTHER hip this time along with her thumb, they have already done surgery which she came out just fine and she's doing really damn good right now, she starts rehab in a few days, rather than coming home and trying to muscle through it like last time, cause lets face it, with my new job change I'm not home a lot and pop can't take care of grandma like I can. Fingers crossed though that the rehab won't take long and she'll be back home all healed.

On to the next bit, well look who finally got some time to pick up her controller again, geeze my poor Xbox has been so neglected these last few months. XD And well my bro got The Evil Within and I had heard so much bad crap about the game I just never got around to playing it but I was watching him play a few chapters and just had to get my hands on this game so I went out to GameStop and got it for my One and I friggin love this game, geeze why didn't I play it sooner! I'm on chapter 5 at the moment and I'm loving every bit of it, I heard the DLC is awesome so I definitely will check that out!

Cosplay is gonna get slow ya'll till the new year most likely, since it's peak season at my new job and overtime is mandatory and plentiful. I may upload some old forgotten photos though to tide y'all over. XD

Not much going on there either, I'm just so tired from work I'm almost fully adapted to the new schedule but it's still gonna take some time, still hashing out the last bit for my chest piece.

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Alright so I have a lot to cover, and I'm sure I'm forgetting stuff but, lets get right to it. Sorry for the lack of updates/uploads lately I'll explain.

    Well first and foremost Grandma is doing good, she's all healed up from her hip surgery, and feeding tube input and extraction. She's getting around rather well lately and is needing my assistance less and less so I am able to get out and about a bit more now, such as con going.

Next bit is more fandom related and I won't go too in depth but the series....yes series, finale of Hannibal aired a few months back and dear lord, I was left an emotional pile of goo after that. Ugh the ending was so beautiful, I didn't want Hannibal to end but they did so in a way only fitting and if they never pick Hannibal back up again I am more than content with the way it ended. *sobs* MURDER HUSBANDS 4 LIFE!

Afest 2015-
    Afest was an absolute BLAST this year! I still hold firmly to my belief that Afest is the new Akon, meaning it's what Akon used to be like when Akon was still awesome, and slowly but surely I'm sure we'll stop attending Akon, at least for the full weekend we may swing one day but that just depends on the dates. Anyways, on to Afest Friday! I took off work that day so I could have a full con day, got dressed up in my Alice cosplay picked up :iconbooksen: and my boyfriend who was cosplaying "Varsitypool" a cute take on Deadpool, and headed to the con, we went ahead and got our badges first and browsed around the artist alley for a bit till the hotel was ready for check in, I was surprised and super happy that a handful of people recognized my Alice Elliot cosplay since Shadow Hearts is a super underrated game and lots of people loved my boyfriends Varsitypool! Afterwards we headed to the hotel for check in, dropped off our stuff and things and I went ahead and changed into my Hannibal cosplay since it was only a few hours till my Will arrived, then we headed back to the con for a few hours. I was super happy at the amount of people that recognized my Hannibal as well, and I got quite a few compliments on my crossplay makeup, which made me even more excited for my Will to arrive! :iconbooksen: and I got a bit hungry so we checked out the food court till it was time for me to go meet up with :icondoctorgibbles: at the hotel so I could get her ready as Will Graham, I headed back to the hotel, got her all done up and absolutely friggin loooooved how the crossplay makeup turned out on her. Gah she's the cutest damn Graham cracker ever!! I just couldn't get over how friggin cute she is as Will! When her makeup was all done and I had moved to show her she burst out laughing and said that she looked like her brother, I stepped back and really got a good look at her and proceeded to laugh my butt off as well, she really did look exactly like her brother! XD After we got all ready we grabbed our stuff and headed back to the con to get her badge and roam around the con for awhile, we ran into quite a few Fannibals and proceeded to fangirl with them immensely it was fan-friggin-tastic, I love the Hannibal fandom so much. :heart: Alas with the first day of the con coming to a close we headed back to the hotel, got a few Hannibal pics in first (which I can't wait to take more shots of later with my adorable Graham cracker :heart:), ate and got ready for the Rave. Friday nights Rave was awesome, :icondoctorgibbles: and I wore our Batman and Robin onesies and tore up the dance floor! XD We danced the night away and eventually were exhausted so we headed back to the hotel to crash.

    Saturday we got up not too early but not too late, I donned my RE:Rev2 Urban Ninja Moira cosplay along with :iconcouch-corner-cosplay: as RE:Rev2 Barry and my boyfriend as Ellis from L4D2, team zombie slayers! XD We all headed to the con for awhile to browse the dealers room and artist alley got some awesome merchandise. Again I was surprised that people recognized my Urban Ninja Moira as the Resident Evil crowd has long since died down around here, I think we saw one maybe two RE cosplayers this year. After the merchandise run we had to head back to the hotel so :iconbooksen: could go home, exchanged our goodbyes, ate and I changed out of Moira back into Alice, I was freezing in Moira. X.X Back to the con we went, got the last bit of merchandise hunting done for the day before the rooms closed, and roamed around a bit to check out the other sections until it was almost time for the Rave. We headed back to the hotel, changed and went to Dennys for some grub. Here we are the four of us now, Me, my boyfriend, :icondoctorgibbles:, and :iconcouch-corner-cosplay: decked out in raver gear at 11 at night chillin at eating some Dennys. XD Heck yes. And by complete coincidence both us gals sat on one side and the guys on the other and just so happened to order the same exact thing as each other. XD The waitress was like, did ya'll plan this? XD No we're just that silly! But seriously we didn't plan that, and it was hilarious. After stuffing our faces which in hind sight may have been a bad idea RIGHT before the dance, ehehe, we headed to the con for the Rave and made the most of it, Saturday nights DJ really wasn't cutting it. We stayed for just a few hours, not long, and decided to just call it a night since the music was just not doing it for any of us.

    Sunday we got up a bit later, the con seemed to be flying by and dragging one in the same, I donned my Lady cosplay along with my boyfriend as Vergil, and :iconcouch-corner-cosplay: as Auron, we headed to the con to run around for a bit, sign up and confirm for the cosplay contest, and catch a photoshoot for Cody's Auron, just before the contest :icondoctorgibbles: had to go home, so we said our goodbyes and proceeded to the contest area, I really wish she could've stayed I missed her when she left and she missed out on such an awesome rest of the con day, but that's okay I'm glad she got to come in the first place and be my darling Will. :heart: The contest started, they did the strut your stuff walk ons, the cosplay contest walk ons (which is what we were in), and then finally the skits and all in all it was a great contest! I really prefer A-fest's contests to A-kons as it's a bit more relaxed feeling and not as long and drawn out. There was an epic FNAF skit and I was so super happy when they won the skit contest they were friggin fantastic! I do wish though that A-fest had a "crowd favorite" award like A-kon does because one cosplayer in particular made the crowd roar with excitement and I was saddened when she didn't even place. After the contest was all over we were pooped and still had a few hours till the rave, we got a few picture requests on the way back to the car and made it to the hotel in time to chill for awhile before getting dressed for the Rave. Again we went to Dennys before the Rave but this time allowed enough time for it to settle before we danced. XD We went to the dance and had a great time, the DJ this night was as good as the first night, which was perfect, we danced as much as we all could before calling it a night, half packing when we got back to the hotel, and passing out.

    Monday we got up with an hour to pack, hastily packed our bags, said our goodbyes and all headed our separate ways, all and all a damn fine convention and one of my all time favorites. Can't wait to go again next year! Wooo!!

    And where there is happiness there is always sadness, a few weeks ago I had to make the hardest decision of my life, the decision to let one of my babies go, my Cinnamon. It's not any easy thing to come to terms with and I had fought myself for weeks over it but in the end it wasn't about me it was about her, and although it broke my heart into pieces I had to let her go. I've had her since she was a baby and she's had 15 wonderful years but I'm still gonna miss her everyday. Good bye baby girl, mommy loves you. Rest easy Cinnamon Spice Brackett my baby girl. It was a hard few weeks after she was gone, I had trouble getting motivated to even do the slightest thing, but wounds heal, and I carry her in my heart everyday.

Retropalooza 2015
    Retropalooza! The old school video game convention that my good buddy :iconcouch-corner-cosplay: told me about and invited me to, we decided weeks before that we'd go as RE1 Barry Burton and RE0 Rebecca Chambers and show some old school RE love! I buckled down the week before the con and got my Rebecca Chambers cosplay finished for the most part, the only things I didn't get done weren't a big deal, the boot covers, spray, and plush monster, and rather than buy another damn wig I just restyled Moira's wig and made it work, maybe I'll get one specifically for Rebecca later, maybe. Anyways the day of Retropalooza was at hand and I donned most of my Rebecca cosplay except for the vest and second belt, I'd put those on at the con, I headed over to :iconcouch-corner-cosplay:'s house picked him up and headed to the con, which lo an behold was being held at the convention center where the Native American Art show is generally held so I was familiar with the place. We put the rest of our gear on and headed into the con and as soon as we opened the doors a man and his wife stepped out and asked us if we were heading in to buy badges, we said yes as we were, and they handed us their badges instead and said have a good day! How very sweet of them! So we got free badges to the con, already an awesome way to start the day! We headed over to find the contest sign ups and Cody saw a Youtuber he really likes, so we waited in line for him to get to meet the guy, had him sign Cody's 3DS and went to find the contest sign up, which was in the dealers room. We signed up first and foremost then proceeded to rummage through the dealers room, get plenty of photo requests (good to see some oldschool RE love), and O.M.G. I was in gamer heaven. They had every friggin old school game from my childhood it was like a walk down friggin memory lane, next time this con comes around I am FOR SURE taking my boyfriend and brother I know they'd love the hell outta it! So many beautiful little money, but I had a few games in mind that I absolutely wanted, RE Gaiden, Bloodrayne, and any of the older Bloody Roars. I found BR2 but held off on it to see if I couldn't find Gaiden, ended up finding motherfucking Kouldeka instead which I snatched right the fuck up, I never dreamed of finding it in such perfect condition and at such a steal of a price. Got ahold of Bloodrayne as well and Cody showed me a booth that takes fan games and games not available in America and well makes them available by putting them onto the appropriate disc/cartridge and you won't believe what I got from them, hell I could hardly believe it! I got Resident Evil for the GameBoy Color, yes old school RE1 on the GBA, the one they never fucking released because it was so damn crappy. I have it, a physical friggin copy, and I couldn't be more elated! Well I could, and I was shortly after, the time for the contest was almost upon us and we had a few more booths to check out so we swung by them and as I was scanning over the GBC games Cody snatched one of em up and I got excited asking did you find it is it Gaiden?! He said nope, it's one I'm looking for, asked the dealer how much, but said don't say the title and I knew it was fucking Gaiden. I smacked Cody and said it's it isn't it its Gaiden! He smiled and showed me and sure enough it was Resident Evil: Gaiden. I was over the fucking moon! The ONLY RE game that I don't own and it's finally mine, I can't wait to pop the damn turd into my GBC and see how horrible it is. :heart: Elated, we wrapped up in the dealers room and headed to the contest. We entered the panel room it was being held at and were about thirty minutes early so we waited and watched the current panel which was a Youtuber taking questions and such, it quickly turned in to something else, something fucking wonderful. XD The main guy was taking questions, and one of the audience asked if he'd take off his shirt, he laughed but with the crowd jeering he obliged XD then put it back on in a few minutes later cause the room was chilly. One of his other Youtuber buddies came into the room, an Australian guy, and he pulled him up on stage, after a few questions the crowd got crazy again and asked if the Australian would take off his shirt, he laughed and said I'm not gonna do it by myself so both guys got shirtless. XD!!! So from the crowd they look naked okay, cause they're behind the desks and I am just giggling my little fangirl ass off right about now, but wait it gets BETTER. XD One of the crowd members asks if the original guy would lick the Australians nipple, I shit you not. They laughed and he said oh come on I have to get something out of this, buy me a game, any game I don't care, and the audience member said how about I buy you Whataburger and he friggin accepted! XD The Australian was like whoa whoa what do I get out of this? XD The crowd was like satisfaction. Ahahaha! So he agreed, jumped on the floor and started to do pushups, the other guy was like wtf man what are you doing? A crowd member yelled he want's it to be sweaty for you! So he tells the Aussie to lay on the table, he does slowly while saying "Happy Birthday, Mr. President." Aahahaha! I'm dying right about night btw, also recording this gold. And no shit he licked the duded friggin nipple, the Aussie squealed like a girl and jumped off the table. Best panel ever. Ahahaha! They sat back in their chairs took more questions, had a great damn time and then another Aussie buddy came in and was like wtf why are you two shirtless, and proceeded to join them on stage and take of his shirt too. XD!!! Oh dear goodness it was so funny, anyway they concluded their panel and went along their way, with the contest now taking place, they called off the names you come up, do your thing, talk about construction, and take some pics, we were called up Cody first and me along with him, we posed for a bit, talked about cosplay construction, and sat back down. A few cosplayers later a cosplayer who was "Budget Batman" came running down the aisle humming the Batman theme, he had on a Halloween store Batman mask, cape, gloves, black pants, Batman muscle tee shirt, and a fanny pack, and OMG was he the funniest damn guy! He started to say how money for Wayne Industries was tight and then was like wait did I say Wayne, uh Wayne who, ahaha. The judges asked where's the Batmobile, how'd he get here, he said he took the Uber (a carpool service XD), then pulled his phone from his "utility belt" the fanny pack, he said if you need assistance he has the phone number to a really good commissioner and some cops because his uniform isn't bulletproof *taps his shirt* XD! Some one yelled out it's a fanny pack and in his best Christian Bale Batman voice he yelled Utility Belt! XD!! He so damn fantastic! Again I wish all cons had a crowd favorite award!!! So with the contest coming to and end, they announced the winners for best in show, 3rd, 2nd, and finally 1st place which went to "Barry and Rebecca the Resident Evil couple"! Wooo!! We were so friggin excited! I grabbed Cody and squealed! We went up to the front to take a group picture of the winners, thank the judges and collect our prize, we won $100!! Ah! I was so elated!! My Rebecca Chambers cosplay first debut and we win the contest! Heck yes! After that we roamed around the dealers room a bit more, got more pics taken and then headed home. All and all a damn good day, with damn good people, and damn good merchandise! I am very excited to attend Retropalooza next year! :heart:

    So yes those have been the cons so far, awesome as heck! And next up is Comic Con, not sure what my cosplay will be yet, I am working on two but it depends on if one of my friends finishes her cosplay in time, we shall see. ^^

Next up, job things! So I've been looking into getting a new job, my current one is sucking the life out of me, and I have been stuck in the rework (going through bad product) room for the last few weeks, THUS my absence here from DA I wasn't able to get to a computer, and when I was, all of my energy and motivation was dead before it hit the floor. I did get out of the rework room for a few days, and noticed that I was significantly happier, thus my search for a new job, and I found one, fingers crossed it all goes well I'm just waiting for a call back from them and I'm turning in my two weeks. I'm really excited honestly, and go figure as soon as I look for new work, my current work want's to make me a Supervisor. Pfft, so I've been "supervisor" for the last week but apparently I'm being tossed back into rework this coming week and I can't wait to leave. But that being said idk what my new schedule will be like with my new job, cons may become few and far between, but if that's what has to happen so be it, I need to focus more on my school work anyways and get my nose to the pavement. Just for notice if I'm a bit more inactive here that usual.

    As I said I'm working on two cosplays right now, and need to finish up a few things on Rebecca, gotta upload some more pics and such too but I'm making headway. ^^

    Since murder husbands left me in shambles I had to get some art block out of the way and have decided on what I want for my chest tattoo and of course it's something Hannibal :heart: I need to finish up the sketch, been busy lately with new job preparation stuff, cosplay stuff, and so on.

And well I think that about covers it all. Whew....that was a big update. I'll add more later if I realize I've forgotten anything super important. Till next time!~

August Update

Mon Aug 17, 2015, 9:01 AM
About that time for an update on things!

Okay first and foremost an update on grandma.
She's doing rather well lately, came home from the hospital about three weeks back and it was slow going at first trying to keep up with all of the tasks that needed to get done, caring for her, my grandfather, and dogs all at once but I muscled through. The original plan was to have her home for a bit then send her to a nursing home for physical therapy for a week or so, but my grandpa decided against it and we just did what we could on our own, which I didn't think was a great idea but grandma is a tough old gal and pulled on through just fine. As it stands right now she can walk a good ways, eat solid food, and is doing her physical therapy exercises. She still has the feeding tube in her stomach and has too for at least another three weeks (docs orders) but since she's eating solid foods now we were able to cut down the amount of food from the feeding tube. So despite my doubts about her recovering very well at home with only mine and my grandpas care she's actually doing quite well I still believe she would have done better with that one week of physical therapy in a nursing home but what's done is done. Only three more weeks to go until they take her back to the hospital to remove the feeding tube and decide if they're going to put the stints in for her two aneurysms and honestly I don't think she's gonna let them.

Other than that life stuff has been slow I've been at home most the time taking care of all the things, and with grandmas steady recovery my workload is slowly decreasing allowing me to leave the house for a bit/work on other things. Last weekend I went to a friends off too boot camp party and this past weekend I went to a birthday party and actually spend the night out last night since everything was pretty good at home. *exhales* I needed that away from home time for a bit, my grandpa and I were starting to butt heads and I got really upset the other day and just stayed upstairs for majority of the day to get away from it all. T.T

Anyways with the workload decrease and extra time increase that brings me to the next subject.

Bit by bit I've been making steady progress on two cosplays, not sure if I'll get them both done before A-fest but I'm shooting for it, if I don't though I have other plans. That being said the two cosplays I'm working on are Alice Elliot from Shadow Hearts and Rebecca Chambers from Resident Evil 0.

Gah Alice, I've been dreaming of cosplaying her since before I knew what cosplay even was! Shadow Hearts is such and underrated gem of a game and it was a big part of my life for quite awhile so I hope to do Alice justice. :heart: Currently I just finished making her ultimate weapon The Holy Book of Flesh, and I even hollowed it out so I can carry my phone/money in it since Alice has no pockets. XD I'm still fighting with the wig because her hair is ridiculous and I can't braid to save my life. After that I have to dye her dress, make some alterations, and make her cross then she is all done.

And yes you heard right my other one is of course another Resident Evil cosplay, miss Rebecca Chambers, but that's Officer Chamber to you. XD I figured with the release of RE0 HD on the horizon now would be the perfect time to finally cosplay Rebecca, even better is that we'll finally have a full S.T.A.R.S. team for future photoshoots! Rebecca however needs quite a lot done to finish her so I probably won't have her for A-fest but there's always Retropalooza in late September, still I'll work on her as much as I can.

After those two I'll be cosplaying Harley Quinn from Batman: The Animated Series for Dallas Comic con with my boyfriend as Deadpool! XD Eventually we'll make him a Joker but not at the moment, he's looking to cosplay Dante next. :heart:

Which brings me back to A-fest, I had asked my lovely cousin :icondoctorgibbles: if I didn't complete my cosplays for A-fest (or even if I did and she wanted to) if she would be Will Graham to my Hannibal Lecter (since she had wanted me to do crossplay makeup on her at some point in time and I thought OMG she can be my Graham cracker OuO) and she happily accepted to which I proceeded to hop up and down in my chair at work and try to stifle my pterodactyl screeching. XD

So my tentative line up is currently
Friday - Hannibal Lecter with Angie as Will Graham (Hannigram ensues. :iconraepfaceplz:)
Saturday - Alice Elliot and later in the day Moira Burton Urban Ninja with :iconcouch-corner-cosplay: as Rev2 Barry Burton.
Sunday - Lady and my boyfriend as Vergil from DMC3.

I may push Alice to early Friday and Hannibal for the rest of Friday and just be Moira all Saturday but it depends on Angies schedule. We shall see. My plans are always tentative.

As for the photoshoot photos I have finally had time to sift through them and pick out the best ones, I'm gonna start editing them in the next coming days and get them up soon!

Well I actually have been bitten by the art bug lately and I'm currently working on a (late) birthday present for :iconcouch-corner-cosplay: of course it's something Barry Burton related but I won't say what till I'm done. Hope to have it finished by A-fest.

Also as some of you may know Capcom is having an in-game T-shirt contest for Rebecca on RE0HD and you can submit your own designs to have peers vote on which should be in game. And after some thinking I finally have a design, it's all done and ready to be submitted but I'm waiting till round three to submit it so I have a fresh fight! I'll post it up here when I do and if mine is chosen for voting I'll post a link here on my DA for ya'll to vote for my design if you wish. :heart: I'm pretty excited even if I don't get picked for the vote it's still exhilarating to think of the chance!

And that about covers things for now. Till next time!

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Wed Jul 8, 2015, 1:08 PM
Alright so I haven't been on in awhile, and I apologize. I was going to be periodically uploading new cosplay shots from the photoshoot we attended but life just got in the way.

First off the photoshoot went great, we got a lot of good shots and had a lot of fun with it and I will try to set some time aside soon to get some of those up.

Secondly before the shit hit the fan I got my Xbox One got it all set up, bought Mortal Kombat X, RE Remaster, and DMC4 Special Edition and went to the midnight launch of Batman Arkham Knight and boy did I play the shit out of it that whole weekend. I went to my cousins house and we had a wonderful Batman filled weekend, and then Sunday came.

I woke up Sunday morning at her house to a frantic phone call from my mom, my grandmother (who I live with and take care of) fell and broke her hip. So as quickly as possible Angie helped me pack up and I bolted home, Grandma was already taken to the hospital and my mom and brother there with her and I was tasked with staying home with grandpa and taking care of him, so I did. The next day after work I picked up grandpa and we went to see grandma in the hospital and she wasn't looking too good, the docs talked with mom about doing hip surgery and possibly heart surgery too to fix her two aneurysms, one of which had more than doubled in size in the last year. So with the decision made in the following days they transferred her to a better hospital where the surgery would take place. My mom kept me updated through the whole thing while I stayed home and watched after grandpa and my dogs, grandmas hip surgery was a success and she is currently healing up until this Monday when she'll be having heart surgery. And if that's not enough well my boyfriend just had to put his dog down not but a day ago and things aren't looking too well for one of my babies either. So as you can see, I've had my hands full lately but now it's just a waiting game to see how the second surgery is going to go and how long she'll have to be in physical therapy and recovery.

I'll get on here as often as I can, but no guarantees really. Now to sift through my over 2,000 messages. *headdesk*

Grandma had her surgery yesterday and all went well, they ended up doing a bypass first and are planning to to the stints later on. If she does well in physical therapy for her hip then she could be coming home in a few days and then return in a month or so for the surgery with the stints.

But as life goes where there is light there is dark.

We spent most of the day at the hospital with grandma yesterday, got up at 5am to the hospital at 7am and went home at 9pm. All was well and we headed home, I let my dogs out as usual and went to go to pick up one of the two of my older dogs and let them out (they can't go down the stairs themselves) when I noticed she was acting funny. She had been acting strange the last few days, not wanting to eat, just lay around, no longer spunky, and hiding under the car for hours not wanting to come inside despite the heat. I knew something was wrong but not sure what, she began to eat again the other day and be a bit more lively so I figured she was getting better but no. I picked her up and noticed her eyes were a bit glazed, breathing labored, and she wouldn't stand at all just slump over onto her side. I brought her downstairs to mom and as mom held I searched on my phone for an emergency vet that was still open that late, then Daisy urinated all over herself and mom started to cry. We knew we were losing her so I did all I could do to make her comfy and I held her while she passed away. It killed me to see one of my babies go and she waited until I got home to say goodbye before she let go. I held onto her as mom and my uncle dug a grave for her, buried her with her pillow and said goodbye. She was a good dog and I'll miss her very much. It's still sort of surreal, almost like I dreamt it, but I know it's real and it'll hit me when I come home and I don't see that little ball of black fur running up to me anymore. Rest easy baby girl, my Daisy May.

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Akon 2015

Tue Jun 16, 2015, 1:59 PM
This A-kon was the deciding factor if we ever come back to A-kon because it really hasn't been that great the last two years. And now A-kon is over and I'm all recovered. XD So lets dive right into it.

A-kon Friday~
Took the day off of work, packed the previous night, and headed out to the con early already in my Rev2 Moira Survivor cosplay. I got to the con, put all my crap in the hotel room, met up with my buddy Cody, who was in his Rev2 Barry cosplay, and headed into the con so I could get my badge. Unfortunately this year they decided for whatever reason to combine the badge lines....the whole reason I pay $30 more for on site is so I don't have to stand in a huge ass line. But no, so that means I could have preregistered and saved myself $30, because we all had to wait in the 2 hour line to get badges anyway.
After I got my badge we headed straight to the artist alley, got stopped a few times for pics, and hardly saw any RE cosplayers. =/ The whole weekend we maybe saw four and there was no photoshoot this year. Anyways, in the artist alley we saw a lot of goodie, finally they got some new booths in there instead of the same old same old, and dealers room too. We walked around for a good while then headed back to the hotel around 3 to order some food and take a break since I was about to have to go pick up my boyfriend (he had work that day) and what do you know as soon as the food arrives he calls for me to come get him. XD Even though I was super hungry I bolted out the door thinking the sooner I get him the sooner I can eat, lol, right after I left, my friend Amanda arrived at the con. She parked her car near me and went into the room to get the parking pass and take a leak, she wasn't gone for more than five minutes and when she returned to her car with the pass it had ALREADY BEEN TOWED. Seriously. So while I was getting my bf, Cody informed me of Amanda's situation and they took it up with the hotel manager who said he can't do anything about it. Bullshit. You're the one that called them to fucking tow it! So they had to head to the tow place and get her car out for $170. Geeze. They were pulling some shady shit too, a lot of people from our hotel were there getting their cars out. Pfft. They told her to call in a few days that they MAY give her a refund. Yeah, right.
After that ordeal and me picking up my bf, we came back to the hotel ate, and headed over to then get his badge, and it was 7 by this time. The line was a bit shorter but still a 40 minute wait, so I walked around with Cody and Amanda till George got his badge then we headed to the artist alley before it closed.
Friday was coming to an end quickly, and the last event for us was the dance, we headed back to the hotel, got some noms, rested, and changed. We made a quick trip to Walmart for some glow sticks and anti itch medicine (for me, the mosquitoes were eating me up! Ugh!) came back just in time to hop in line and wait for the doors to open. And I finally got to wear my Silent Hill Bubble Head Nurse to the Rave, and everyone loved it, I'll definitely have to do it again. ^^ Unfortunately, the rave was a bust that night, go figure, it has been at Akon for the last two years. The DJ apparently didn't know any baselines except for one, because you know it's so much fun to dance to the SAME BEAT for four hours. I cut out early and went back to the hotel, cleaned up and plopped in the bed, I had to get up early the next day anyway to sign us up for the contest. Eventually everyone came back and did the same.

A-Kon Saturday~
Got up early as heck and threw on my Lisa P.T. cosplay, Amanda got up with me too and we headed to the con, I waited outside the cosplay room for at least two hours (good thing I got there early because even though I was two hours early people showed up not long after me and there were only 15 slots) talked to fellow cosplayers while I waited and seriously creeped out people in the hallways, got quite a few pics taken too! Yay Lisa! Went in, signed up, and had to come back later on that day for pre-juding. So I headed back to the hotel to change into Lady, on the way I ran into a few other friends too, and one came back with me to the hotel to drop some stuff off, and Cody and George were just getting up. We all got into our cosplays Cody as Auron, I had to quickly do his makeup so he could make it to a shoot, George as Vergil, Me as Lady, and Trent (buddy that came back with me) in his fursuit, Amanda didn't stay too much longer and went home that day. We all went back to the con and George and I no more than open the doors when people crowd to take pics of our cosplays and Trent's fursuit. We walked around for a good while, in the dealers room, artist alley, and other halls, bought some merchandise and ate. Then around 3 we headed to the prejudging for the cosplay contest, got judged by the panel and accepted into the contest, and had to hurry upstairs for a Devil May Cry photoshoot that Cody told us was happening today. Got upstairs and lordy the Dantes! XD It was so much fun, I haven't got to do a really fun photoshoot where everyone is so upbeat and tossing out great photo ideas in years. :heart:
That went on for quite some time and once it was all over we had just a little while to rest before the cosplay contest, which would keep us in a room for five hours straight. Ugh.
About that time Trent headed home leaving only Cody, George, and I left at the con. We ate rested and headed to the contest, Cody in the crowd watching us go onstage. We waited for a good while for the other skits and such to be over and met an awesome Corrupt Vergil cosplayer and talked to him and one of the Dantes from the shoot for most of the time we waited. While we waited for the walk on to begin the con staff started role call, *grimaces* and proceeded to act completely unprofessional about it.

I understand you've had a long day, so has everyone in the room but that is no reason to literally stamp your foot, scream like a toddler, and literally throw things.
We were waiting for role call for the contest and two staff members were calling out entry names when the skits start happening in the other room and it became too loud for anyone to hear the staff calling names so instead of closing the door so we could hear better, or walking up to each person that was in their assigned seats, which one of the two staff members actually did, (or the ones standing on the sides that couldn't sit), or using the microphone in the room, one of the staff decided that if you don't reply when she says your name she just rips out your info page, wads it up and tosses it on the ground like a child.
So down the lines she goes ripping out and tossing paper on the floor, she went past my row and didn't acknowledge the last half of it so I asked her if she called my name since it was impossible to hear her at the front over the blaring speakers and she yelled at me if I didn't hear my name then go pick up the papers she threw around on the floor and find it, literally stamped her foot and stormed off. *clenches jaw* professional. So...while walking the isles collecting all the papers she ripped out I found three cosplayers that were next to and infront of me in their assigned seats, gave them to the proper people and told them to take them up to her so they can be properly entered since she didn't bother to really check, and as it turned out she called me and checked that I was in the right seat number but didn't tell me I was confirmed. Sheeze. But I kept my cool, remedied the situation and went on my merry fucking way. (And after her tantrum when everyone had walked the stage and came back to the room she was suddenly very very sweet to everyone, running to get water, calling everyone sweetie, etc I assume the other staff had a talk with her about her behavior.) With that dealt with, we all lined up to walk on stage and strut our stuff. And strut we did! My boyfriend is a very confident person, in the 7 and a half years we have been together I have rarely ever seen him nervous but he was a bit in that moment right before we walked on stage as we planned out poses, but as soon as they called our names we owned the damn stage, lights blaring, crowd roaring, cameras flashing, it's such an experience! We strutted our stuff, and headed back to the cosplay room, talked with everyone for awhile, and listened to the winners. All and all a fantastic day! When they released us we headed back to the hotel to rest and eat before the dance, ran into some friends and family (I got to see my friend Samantha's Fawn that she was making after a tutorial I wrote for her and it was lovely!) got back changed rested, ate, and rested and rested. XD We all pretty much fell asleep and missed the Saturday dance, oh well. I heard it wasn't much to miss anyways.

A-Kon Sunday~
We wake up a bit late, pack everything away and into the cars, get into normal clothes, check out of the hotel, and head back to the con for the final run. Mostly just buying things and seeing some friends, before we headed home. We all went our separate ways and headed home not long afterwards. I drop of my boyfriend at his place, go home myself, unpack all my stuff and crash for work the next day. XD

So all in all A-kon really wasn't "bad" this year but it wasn't "fantastic" like it used to be, it was just "good". Maybe that's because I've been to so many cons for years now, maybe it's the new crowds coming in, maybe I'm just growing out of it. Idk. Cody pretty much felt the same way really, even saying that he probably won't cosplay RE anymore, the fanbase is dying off, even though I agree about the fanbase, I will still cosplay RE, I cosplay for myself. As for if we will return to A-kon next year? Well that depends on when Comic Con falls next year rumor is they'll be the same weekend, and I am not missing Comic Con.

I'm finally getting around to uploading A-kon pics and some last minute Comic Con pics, so keep watch for those. My boyfriend and I are going to a photoshoot this weekend, the free session that I won for 1st place with my Fawn at North Texas Comic Book Show. We'll be cosplaying as Vergil and Lady and Booth and Bones, maybe even casual wear. So I'm finishing up Bones this week and touching up Vergil in preparation for the shoot, and I'll have those images up as soon as possible. Till next time my lovelies.~

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Dallas Comic Con and Akon

Thu Jun 4, 2015, 8:12 AM
FIRST OFF, I want to thank each and every one of you for all your support, surpassing 60K pageviews and over 400 watchers, thank you everyone! :iconbunnyloveplz:

Dallas Comic Con and B-Day!!
Woooo!!! Had an absolutely wonderful birthday last weekend, I got to go to Dallas Comic Con on my b-day! I cosplayed Death (from Deadpool) and my boyfriend was Deadpool and we had an absolute blast, but then again we always do! Pics coming soon!

This time around we got to meet Adam West and Burt Ward the original Batman and Robin and my boyfriend got their signatures on his 60's Funko Pop Batmobile figure! I also got to meet Kevin Conroy the voice actor for Batman in Batman The Animated Series and the Arkham video games! I got to take a picture with him and had him sign my Limited Edition Arkham City Batman figurine! Woo! We saw lots of awesome cosplays, merchandise, and stars and after a minor emergency (boyfriend lost his wallet and we went to security, lost and found, and to every single booth asking if anyone had seen it, and someone found it and handed it to the nearest booth vendor. Nothing was missing from the wallet, what a good samaritan!) we headed over to Cody's house to drop off some stuff then back home. Once home we changed out of our cosplays and into some fancy clothes because my boyfriend told me he was taking me to a fancy Italian restaurant, and boy was it! See I'm a cheap date kinda gal, Olive Garden is fancy to me and he laughed when I asked if that's where we were going. XD So we get all fancied up and head to the place, it doesn't look like much from the outside but boy is it nice on the inside. Dim lights, candles, live music, lots of silverware, the works! So we had a really nice dinner together and the piano and saxophone players played Happy Birthday. ^^ Afterwards we headed to Walmart to get the little two slice pack of cheesecake, one for each of us. So all and all a fantastic birthday spent with my love. :heart:

A-kon is tomorrow!! Excited and nervous and excited! XD I'm finishing the veeerrry last thing on Lady tonight (geeze talk about cutting is close) and then going to pack like mad! And I'm a little concerned about fitting Kalina Ann (Lady's big ass rocket launcher) in my car with all the other stuff, I have a Fiat, big powerful props, itty bitty car. XD Otherwise everything is done and accounted for and I even made myself a little chibi Lady badge. ^^ When the con's all over I'll make sure to upload some pics, especially of our Lady and Vergil!

Other stuff!!
Sooo as you may be able to tell from this Journals header and footer images, I'm super duper excited for Hannibal Season 3 to start TONIGHT!!! The HeAteUs (hiatus), as us Fannibals like to call it, has been suuuuper long and I can't wait to see what they've got up their sleeves this season! No spoliers! Or I'll tell Hanni you're being RUDE. :iconevilgrinplz: Unf just look at that damn tease up there, being all...teasy and such. XD

Also it has been awhile since I went to the movie theater and I got to go a few days back with my brother to see Mad Max: Fury Road, and it was awesome! And Furiosa is my babe! :heart: *Mentally makes cosplay note*

Anyways, I may upload a few things today, and I'm sorting through old photos and finding a few I like and had forgotten to post long ago. Aaaand I think that about covers it, till next time my lovelies!

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Update May 2015

Wed May 13, 2015, 1:23 PM
Alright lets see, where did I leave off. Ah yes.

To start! I'm not gonna go into a long winded thing with this but I very nearly got fucked out of getting my Batman Arkham Knight: Limited Edition because some fuckwad can't press the right button, I have had this game reserved since October of last year mind you, but luckily for me I just so happened to get to talk to the store manager and he's doing everything he can to make sure I get my damn game.

On to the next thing! The "Zombie Apocalypse LIVE" shooting gallery/maze thing hosted at Cutting Edge that me, my boyfriend, Cody, Trent, and Morgan attended. We all got there and yes we're in cosplay Cody as Barry Burton RE1, my boyfriend as Ellis L4D2, Trent as Chris RE5, and me as RE3 Jill, Morgan was just in all black clothes, not in cosplay, so we dubbed him Wesker and made him our team leader. XD We had a few people take some pics of us while we waited in line and filled out the paperwork and such then got our wrist bands and went to wait our turn to go into the armory. Our group was called in and we waited in the armory line to gear up and get our guns, while we waited we devised our plan of attack, since Morgan and I were the shortest of the bunch we were on point, thus took the shorter guns (their machine guns were hella weird missing barrels and stocks and shit) the ones with no barrel and no stock. Gotta say it's so fucking awkward to hold a machine gun with no fucking stock, I ended up propping it against my cheek since having it at my shoulder made me all bunched up. Pistols would have been wiser but these were all they had. Anyways, my boyfriend the actual military personnel of our group was in the middle on lead with a mid sized gun (no barrel but had a stock) and the two tallest in back on rear guard with the biggest guns (barrel and stock, which turned out to be really bad because the corridors got crazy tight.) Anyways my boyfriend gave us all a two minute crash course about clearing rooms and holding positions and luckily he had me bring my health kit bag that we all decided we'd stuff our "points" we gained into. (The points were glow sticks you had to collect throughout the areas) We get our gear and the lady tells us about our mission, etc and that there is a special zombie called a Berserker that takes a lot to take down and if you kill it and your lucky he'll drop and extra life. Well we move on in, Morgan and I on point making sweeps of the rooms and corridors we come in killing everything in site and snatching up every point we can see, I even went out of my way to jump and grab one wedged into a wooden plank above me, and also reach into a dark ass box to get one. Here's the thing with the zomibes though they don't "die" they are "stunned" so after we'd move through a room Cody and Trent would have to watch the rear to make sure they don't follow after us. And every now and then some of the zombies would drop some points, and one dropped a life but it rolled under the wall and we couldn't reach it. Damn. Our group was bagging and tagging mofo's left and right and then we came into a rather open room with one "stunned" zombie sitting off to the side I tracked her with my gun and moved on past but as soon as I moved past her she grabbed for me and the guys took her out. (I didn't shoot her because she was "stunned" (red lights) but she reached for me anyway which they aren't supposed to do...) We get further into the maze and start to hear the haunting hum of a chainsaw, and I hear Cody and Trent yell and as soon as I turn around to see what's going on the guys back up into me, Morgan and my boyfriend and smush us into the wall. XD Well they at least killed the Berserker, but alas he didn't drop anything. There was quite a few times we had to stop and just stand around however because the pacing of the groups were off and we kept catching up to the group in front of us which is bad news for us because that means they've already scavenged all the point around the rooms. Eventually we make it to the end, turn in our guns and points, and get to take a group photo (you can see it in my gallery). Stage 1 was complete and it was super fucking fun, on to Stage 2 the Spec Ops stage that you can pay extra to get, also gives you a bonus Stage 3.
Stage 2 the zombies are supposed to be a lot harder to kill, supposed to be. We come into a cemetery area and fight our way through with ease (and lol I tripped over a headstone) and then the scenery turns into a jungle complete with skeleton animatronic dinosaurs, and again we pick everything off and run right into that other damn group again. PACING IS BADLY TIMED.
And before we even broke a sweat we were done with Stage 2, turned in our guns and points, and were issued belts with life tags on them for Stage 3, throughout both stages we collected one extra life and gave it to my boyfriend since he's the real deal military personnel out of all of us and we felt like he could sneak through there better. Stage 3 is "all about stealth, the zombies can't see you" ha. That's funny. Stage three starts and your group is armed with nothing but a glow stick (one per group I had it leading the group) in the dark and you have to survive the time limit or make it out of the maze. It's a farce. We come around the first turn and there's a zombie decked out in a plastic painters suit splashed with glow in the dark paint, he's looking right at us but we're quite and we make it past him. Same thing happens again we sneak past one, so by this time we actually believe it's about stealth (nevermind the blaring fucking music, like they could hear anything over it....) and we were sorely wrong when we hit the main area. We came around a corner to a huge open space with four zombies standing in it and as soon as they see me one revvs a chainsaw and comes running right at me, we scatter. I run off and try to hide in a corner but they follow me perfectly through the maze, corner me and rip off my life tag. I yelled at the guy, "What the fuck I though you guys couldn't SEE US." Of course he didn't answer. Trent ran past me and got cornered as well, they took his life tag. Oh they can see just fine. And we just had to wait till it was over, so I talked with Trent and he was upset to that they followed him perfectly, so much for "the zombies are blind you have to be stealthy" and while we conversed I saw my boyfriend run past, a zombie on his ass and I tossed the glow stick to him, the zombie cornered him and took BOTH OF HIS LIFE TAGS, they are only supposed to take ONE when they catch you. ONE. That's the point of having multiple fucking LIVES. Needless to say he walked over to us and joined the bitch fit. The music stopped and lights came on, we then were shuffled out the doors and to the end to drop off the belts. All of us died except for Morgan, who wasn't sure of what the exit looked like so he took the first door he saw, which was a fire exit. He felt bad but they accepted his win anyways and gave him a special token he could use to win a free ticket. After that was over we all headed through the last corridor and out to the wheel that Morgan could spin, he won a ticket to a different haunted house, and we all stood around, got pictures taken and just talked for awhile. After a bit we headed our separate ways, Trent and Morgan went home and Cody walked me and George to our car, and one of the guys running the show tonight wanted our input on it and George pretty much summed it up, It's alright for ya'lls first time ever doing this kind of thing, but the pacing is bad, groups run into each other which doesn't leave many points around, pistols would be a better weapon in the tight corridors, the second Stage was way too short, and the actors need to do their job right. A lady said that was rude about the actors and I snipped at her, Well when they take both of your life tags at once instead of just one like they're supposed to that's bullshit, and she shut up. So all in all we give it a 3 out of 5. If you go, don't buy the extra package, there is no way in hell you need 150 rounds per person to make it through it especially since it replenishes each stage and you only die if the GROUP runs out of ammo (we had 5 people 150 rounds each thats 750 per level), Stage 2 is not worth the extra money (especially when parking is $10) it's way too short and the zombies weren't any harder than Stage 1. And Stage 3 is a joke. The part I was looking forward to the most sucked ass. The full package took about an hour to traverse but if we ever go again we're doing the base package only which is only 30 minutes. Stage 1 is where it's at, long, full of zombies, and you get the experience without getting the rip off at the end. We had fun yes, but that was more so that we were in the company of friends living out our video games in real life. :heart:
And I'm not gonna lie I felt like a badass bitch wearing my Jill, being on point, collecting points, sweeping the rooms properly, and clearing them out, and I can honestly say I made my boyfriend proud. ^^

On to cosplay things if you checked my gallery you may have seen that a certain someone has gotten off her lazy ass and actually worked on her Lady cosplay! I'm steadily making progress on her rocket launcher everyday and I hope to have it completed by A-kon! And I will have it completed damn it! XD
Also for A-kon I decided I'm going to take my Lisa P.T. cosplay out, with the recent cancellation of Silent Hills and Konami pretty much ripping P.T. from the face of the Earth I think Lisa deserves some much needed con time, and of course I'll have Jareth too. I'm finishing painting him.
For my third cosplay for A-kon I'll be my Moira Burton-Survivor along with Cody's Rev2 Barry Burton. So my stack up will be something like Friday - Moira Burton Survivor, Saturday - Lady, Sunday Lisa. I'm contemplating taking my Bubble Head Nurse to the rave since I couldn't last year because I screwed up my knee in my Ariel skirt.

As for Comic Con I'll be getting some new facepaint this weekend and testing out my Death makeup, and finishing the last little bits for that cosplay, I'm not sure yet if I want to go for one day or two. Hmm. What I do know is that I'll be seeing Adam West!

As for art things alas I just missed the time for Ikkicon sign ups, it was full by the time I put in and A-fest has been full for months. So no booths this year we'll try again next year, which sucks because I was really looking forward to it!

Also a little profile page change you may have noticed I added a custom box that lists all of my cosplay things through out the years including cosplays I've made for others and props. Check it out if you want I'm always adding to it. =)

That's all for now, till next time~

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Updates and Slow Down

Fri Apr 24, 2015, 12:12 PM
Alright so a quick update on some stuff.

So as you all know if you read my last journal I beat the shit out of RE: Rev 2 and then some, and the next time I go through it I'll actually write up a nice long review and such, but that's for later. At the moment, believe it or not, I'm resi'd out, game wise, (tooooo many hours in Raid mode ugh) so naturally I turn to the next upcoming thing that' I'll be purchasing which is Batman: Arkham Knight. *drools* I can't wait to get my hands on that game. With my birthday speeding closer everyday I'm just gonna ask that anyone that wishes to get/give me something for it to just be money to go towards my Xbox One so I can play the glorious Arkham Knight when it releases, and yes...I already have the game *limited edition* paid off in full...for a console I don't even own yet. XD!! *The fangirl life is a crazy one.* And I am obsessively watching the trailers, reading the Arkhamverse comics, etc. You can never have too much Batman in your life, and to tide me over for a little while I'm playing Batman: Arkham Origins Blackgate the little side scroller one and it's pretty darn fun. ^^ Gotta get that Batman fix man!

Anywhoo on to other things.
So :iconcouch-corner-cosplay: and I attended the North Texas Comic Book Show last weekend just to check it out and because I was invited by one of the judges at All-Con on account of my Fawn costume so naturally we attended. I as my Fawn and Cody as Auron from Final Fantasy and boy did we make a splash at this little con, I was told by a few people I was the first Fawn they've ever seen at this con and everyone loved seeing how in the heck I was walking around, and despite Cody not liking that he didn't have a few things (minor really) for his Auron he was met with much praise as well. I entered the cosplay contest and chided Cody into doing so as well, go for it why not, even though he had his doubts about himself missing key items he took second place in the contest and I took first! We both won money from the contest and I also was awarded with a free photoshoot from a local photographer, which I plan to take my boyfriend to since I can never get him to do a proper shoot, if he backs out though I will definitely take Cody! All in all it was a great time and I'm looking forward to attending the con again, maybe next time my boyfriend can come along (he had work to do) I just know he'd love it!

So afterwards we still had a good portion of the day to burn so we decided, weather permitting, we'd go to Scarborough Faire (Renaissance Faire). As luck would have it weather was on our side and we attended the Faire still as the Fawn and Auron, Cody though what the heck might as well Auron is medieval looking right? XD And boy did he get a huge reaction! Lots of people all over the Faire grounds calling on Auron! Auron! XD It was a good time, we walked around got pictures taken, browsed the shops, etc, and with some of my prize money I got a henna tattoo on my chest. I've always wanted to get one and said what the heck go for it! The artist did a magnificent job, he expanded on the simple design in the book so beautifully I was awestruck by his design when he finished and let me peek in the mirror. It added so much more to my Fawn costume really and I am in love with this piece! I was so tempted to run to the tattoo shop and tell them to ink over it! I'm seriously considering a chest piece now! ^^

After the day at the Faire came to a close we headed back to Cody's to change into our civilian clothes, lol, and went out to eat at a local sushi place and daaaayyyuuum was it good and for a crazy ass low price, even though the place looked ritzy as hell! Afterwards I headed home and went right to bed. All and all a really damn good day spent with my good buddy Cody! =)

Also this weekend Cody, my boyfriend, two other friends, and I are all going to the "Zombie Apocalypse LIVE" shooting gallery/maze thing hosted at Cutting Edge! Pretty much you shoot your way through the haunted house with lazer tag like guns and at the end you have to sneak out of the maze armed with nothing but a glowstick. XD I'm hella excited. And, naturally, we are all going in cosplay! XD Cody as Barry Burton RE1, my boyfriend as Ellis L4D2, Trent as Chris RE5, and me as RE3 Jill, not sure what Trent's little bro will be if anything, regardless it's gonna be some zombie killing fun!
That reminds me, the RE3 Jill that I'll be wearing will be the one that I have had up for sale for some time now, since no one seems intrested in buying it, I figure that since it's an extra costume I'll just wear it there in case the zombies bleed on me or what have you, and then I'm going to turn it into a Zombie Jill cosplay. So be on the look out for that sometime. >=3

And regarding cosplay things this is where the slow down comes in, I'm in a rut really, I know I need to work on Lady, I only have a month yet to get her finished, but I have just lost my motivation for it... Ugh.

As for drawing well it seems like I may have finally broken my art teachers spell that she cast on me so long ago, I can finally draw shit just straight out of my head again without using a singe reference. She ground the idea into our heads for years that if you drew something you HAD TO HAVE A REFERENCE, so much for creative freedom. I was so proud of myself the other day, I created a character all my own and drew her four times in increasingly difficult poses with absolutely no reference to poses and I could have cried I was so happy. Do you know what it feels like to break the shackles that hold back your inspiration and soul? It's fucking glorious. And you know what else I did? I finally finished a certain painting I've been working on for quite awhile now, once I shattered those shackles that gripped my mind I finally realized what it was I had to do to be able to finish said painting, I'm going to pick a frame out for it tomorrow and I can't wait to give it to that certain special someone that it was made for. I'll have pics up of it once they have it, I won't say who, or what it is since they may watch my DA for updates. ;) But just know that pictures don't do the painting justice as seeing it with your own eyes does.

A few other things then I'll stop babbling, my con partner :iconbooksen: has agreed to run another booth for Ikkicon * * yay Austin!! *u* * and potentially A-fest (if it's not full already), so that means come summer after the con season is over it's time to crack down and churn out the merch again! ....and not wait till last minute to sew over 100 plushies *rubs sore hands* I'm thinking of dabbling in prints this year, maybe buttons, chibis, or something. Anyway I'll figure it out and keep ya'll updated. I think that' about it for now, till next time my dears. ;3

Oh yeah one last thing, Jason Todd is the Arkham Knight and no one can convince me otherwise.

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Resident Evil: Revelations 2

Mon Mar 23, 2015, 12:26 PM

Okay okay so Angie and I beat the hell out of Rev 2 this past weekend and boy was it an amazing journey, so here's my, spoiler free, thoughts on Resident Evil: Revelations 2. Please keep all comments on this spoiler free for others, thank you, if you want to talk spoilers then private message me.


Each and every RE fan needs to play this game, I'm not even kidding, especially those that loved the oldshool games. Revelations 2 did everything, and I friggin mean everything right. This is literally the modern RE game that oldshool fans have been waiting for for years, they have finally done what they said they would do for years, go back to their roots. Granted it doesn't have the static camera angles and tank controls of the classics but it is a damn good modernization of the classic games.


Why is it so damn good? Here are some highlights.

Immersive story, fluid controls (perfect balance between RE5 and RE6 controls), puzzles and lots of em (and they actually make you think about what to do), backtracking (oh hey I got a key that needs to be used two hallways back, on the top floor, and basement floor? Hell yes!!), vast levels that beg to be explored and reward you when you do, gameplay effects progression of other characters (such as in RE2 if you play as Leon and take the expansion pack and gun, then Claire when she comes across will have nothing, but this is on a larger scale in Rev2), difficult enemies, diversity of enemies, low ammo (I ran out quite a few times), low health (though personally I never was without an herb), timed sections (ah good ol' run for your life before shit blows up), classic end game, unlockable extra costumes, unlockable extra weapons, unlockable extra campaign modes, high replay value, creepy files in game that tell a story all their own (<3 Itchy Tasty), cheesy lines everywhere (allll that cheese <3), a very expansive mini game, and last but not least and awesome cast of characters.

All that being said I do feel like (as expected) it is more of a challenge to play it solo rather than splitscreen and there is one aspect of splitscreen that can in fact be exploited (it even can be in solo) but can also be a good thing, in that your partner can only *faint* not die and you can revive them, so you could take advantage of this and as the main character stay back from harm and have your partner do everything, but that's being a wuss and honestly not very effective. Don't do that. It's only a good thing lets say if you want to play with a less experienced gamer so that way you as the main player don't get fed up with them dying as it does not effect anything more than sparing a few seconds to revive them. But fun story really quick whilst playing Rev 2, Angie realized this little tid bit of pretty much being "invincible" and proceeded to beat the ever loving shit out of a boss with her crowbar. XD No fucks given. He'd slap her across the map and she'd just charge right back at him. <3 That's my girl!


So should you play Resident Evil: Revelations 2? You bet your ass. Now go friggin get it and enjoy the RE game that we've been waiting for!!!


I can now honestly say with all my heart that I definitively have a favorite Resident Evil game, I've always had one's I love to death but not a top of the top favorite until now and that's Revelations 2. Maybe it's just the excitement bursting from my fangirl heart that's talking right now, and in a few months I promise to voice what I think about Rev 2 again when I beat the game inside and out and that will definitely show how I feel about this gem of a game and I'm sure my love of it won't waver over time but in all honesty this is an absolute fantastic game and a fantastic RE game and I can think of nothing, absolutely nothing, in the game that I would want changed.

Thank you Capcom, from a long time RE fan, I thank you with every fiber of my being for this gem, it’s sad to think that Capcom is considering keeping the "main games" i.e. 5, 6, 7, etc, action shooter rather than like Rev2 and I hope they change their mind but if they don't at least I'll get to look forward to the Revelations arc games. <3 Until next time my lovelies, my hiatus is officially over and Revelations 2 goes online at the end of this month! Let the games begin!

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End of the Hiatus

Mon Mar 16, 2015, 1:57 PM
End of the Hiatus~

It's almost over now, I will officially be off Hiatus this coming Monday the 23rd, since I will be getting Resident Evil: Revelations 2 tonight and playing it this coming weekend when I see my cousin. :heart: I can't wait to play it!

And yeah I realize in my Hiatus I have been rather active but I can assure I've been ten feet away from group deviations, discussions, etc. to assure that I'm not spoiled on things, really the only thing I have been actively discussing (and this is with my close friends and my brother) is Raid mode, since well it's Raid mode. XD Not really much spoilery things there.

I have however, like I mentioned in my last journal, bought and played the first episode (over and over again, it's so fantastic!)  and hot damn am I liking what I'm seeing! And I'm overall pleased with Raid mode too, I didn't really care for the first one, I'm a Mercs addict, and Raid just didn't do it for me, but the new revamped Raid is quite satisfying. Still though, I prefer Mercs by miles, (RE5/Mercs 3D specifically). I have really high hopes for the rest of the game, could this really be THE RE game we've been waiting for? :iconstarryeyesplz: I am really thinking so so far, but then again the rest of the game could decline, I don't know. YET. O^O

All that being said I am going to the midnight release of Re: Rev 2 tonight at my local Game Stop and of course I will be dressed as Moira Burton. <3  Then I will proceed to cradle the game in my arms till Friday when I can play it. XD

Anyways I also finally got off my lazy bum and bought Pokemon ORAS, more specifically Alpha Sapphire. And I'm using that to tide me over till Friday then it RE TIME BITCHES!!!

As you all may have seen I made and completed Moira Burton - Survivor Alternate and Moira Burton - Urban Ninja Alternate during my hiatus and will be (finally) moving on to finish my DMC3 Lady cosplay. I have cosplay ADD I shit you not. T^T

Last Friday, I attended All-Con as my Fawn and entered in to the contest there, I really wasn't for sure if the Fawn would be a good choice for All-Con but it turns out it certainly was! I had tons of people constantly taking photos and asking numerous questions about construction and "how the hell are you walking?!" XD Even got to meet up with a friend for a little while and then I headed to the stage, where I won the Judges award! More specifically for my "crazy deer feet" everyone was fascinated at how I made my Fawn feet and at how I was walking around in them. XP All and all totally worth it.

Also this past Saturday was Walker Stalker Con Dallas, which I attended with my boyfriend as Carol Peletier and Daryl Dixon, and boy were we surprised by the convention. It was so....small. I'm very very very glad I got our tickets for half price ($25 each instead of $50 each) because boy I would have been pissed to pay full price and find out the con was so damn tiny. Granted it's there first time hosting it here in Dallas but $50 for a one room con??? No just no. Anyways the highlights of the con were the awesome Carol and Daryl prints that I bought and the fact that my wonderful boyfriend managed to find and buy the Hannibal Funko Pop Figurines that I have been trying to get my hands on for the last TWO YEARS!!! *squeals of joy*
I was going to go see Chad Coleman (Tyreese) but alas he was a bit out of my expected pay range, eh. *shrugs* No biggie.
We didn't end up staying very long, it only took less than an hour to look at all the booths, and we just kind of walked around for a little while longer then headed home. Hit up Cabelas for some awesome Peanut Butter Fudge, and watched Big Hero 6 when we got home. =) A very good weekend. ^^

Oh also on Sunday we went to the old game store the next town over where I got ORAS and the first Bloodrayne, and my bf got some PS2 stuff, then took a jot over to Goodwill for some light cosplay shopping in which you will soon be seeing a new, super duper quick, cosplay pop up. XP And it was all my boyfriend's idea on this one, and it's a fantastic one that I can not WAIT to wear to a convention!!

Anyways that's all for now! :heart:

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Hiatus coming

Fri Feb 20, 2015, 1:31 PM


Resident Evil Revelations 2 will be coming out February 24th and I am planning on buying the first episode to tide me over till the full disk release of the game on March 17th. So that being said I am entirely dropping the internet starting March 3rd when the second episode is released and I will be back online sometime after March 17th when the disc is out and I have played it, in an attempt to avoid spoilers of any kind.

I am doing this mainly because when RE6 came out I was thinking I was safe from spoilers here on DA and alas I was not, as an art piece popped up in one of the groups I watch and spoiled a character death. What a jerk.

Anyway while I’m on hiatus from all things internet I’ll be working on my Lady cosplay and finishing up another one as well, I will however pop onto DA before March 3rd to upload pictures of my finished Moira cosplay that will be debuting along side my friend Cody’s Rev 2 Barry Burton at Mini A-kon February 28th.


All that being said I am super duper fucking excited to play Rev 2! Even better is that it has splitscreen campaign! (Which Rev 1 didn’t have.) So that means I get to play it with my cousin!!! Ugh I’m gonna go all Momma Bear Claire and Big Daddy Burton on some bitches if they try to mess with mah babies!! XD I can see it going down like this, “Angie watch out!” *creature grabs Angie* “Get the f*** off of her you motherf*****!! I’ll f****** kill you!” XD YEEESSS!!!


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I'm back! Ikkicon and Holidays!

Tue Jan 6, 2015, 1:07 PM

Okay so first off I want to give a big ol' thanks to my good buddy :iconwondermanrules: for the 12 month Premium membership! Like holy cow! I can't thank you enough my friend! :heart:

Had a wonderful holiday break, got to spend time with family and friends, exchange wonderful presents, and get plenty full on delicious food! Even got to teach my brothers wife how to shoot a gun! XD My brother and I had a little competition on who could shoot the most clay pigeons and bam bam bam Annie Oakley here took the cake! ^^
As for the New Year I spent that at home sewing merchandise for my booth at Ikkicon and chilling with my pups. ^^ Not much down time for anything other than sewing and preparing for the con.

Had an absolute BLAST at Ikkicon with :iconkuradoll: and Cody! We got to the hotel Thursday and it certainly was a nice little thing for the price! Went to the con to pick up our first Vendors badges ever then decided to take a walk around the town and see the city at night, and boy was it gorgeous. We saw plenty of interesting places and things and really Austin is like a nicer Dallas in my opinion. XD I don't really see how Austin is "weird" but maybe because it's just my kinda weird! XD The city at night was absolutely stunning I felt like I was literally walking the streets of Gotham City, blazing lights, chilly air, damp streets, gorgeous architect, overgrown and run down areas, gosh it was so pretty! Afterwards we went back to the hotel to get some shut eye for the big day!
Friday we got up early, snagged some breakfast, and headed to the con! We had thought you had to be at the booth by 10am (pfft the email they send me said so!) or forfeit your spot so we get there at around 9:40, set up and realize....there's not a whole lot of other vendors here yet. So I checked the downloadable schedule and sure enough Vendors opened at 12:30. T.T So we took turns walking around a bit and eventually the Vendors opened and the first day began! We were both a bit nervous but managed to keep a good attitude, greet people, and make some sales! After the Vendors closed we headed over to Cici's for some dinner, got a photo request from some people and they asked for the convention address so they could check it out too. Lol. Afterwards we headed to the Dollar Store (the whole time I kept getting asked if I was cold by other people. XD Well I WAS in my RE3 Jill so it's understandable.) to grab a few things then back to the hotel to wait for my friend Cody to arrive. Eventually he got there and we all went out for a midnight snack run, came back and went to sleep.
Saturday we got up early, snagged breakfast, and headed out! Got the booth set up and did a more business! And boy does it feel weird to be on the other side of the booth! But a good weird. XD And this is when I learned how awesome a salesman Cody is! XD He took over the booth for a bit and had people all over buying things and trying them on, ect. Pfft I think I just may hire him next time! XD All and all we had a great Saturday and when the Vendors closed we headed back to the hotel for some pizza and a nap before the Rave. Hours later I donned my Batman onesie pajamas, donned some Joker makeup, mohawked my green hair, (Oh yeah did I tell ya'll I died my hair lime green?? XD) and headed to the Rave! In all honesty, the Rave at this little con in Austin has been one of the best I've been to, it certainly blew A-kons last THREE YEARS out of the water!!! Pfft TAKE A HINT A-KON! So we danced the night away (I totally got to dance with the Goblin King (David Bowie, The Labyrinth)  cosplayer and it was epic!) and eventually headed back to the hotel for some much needed shut eye.
Sunday we got up, ate, packed, checked out of the hotel, and headed to the con for the last sale day. Everything went pretty swell and when the Vendors closed we packed up and headed home! It's quite a drive from my house to Austin, a three hour forty minute drive to be exact but it was certainly worth it and :iconkuradoll: and I are already thinking of getting a booth again, hopefully this time closer to home!

Everything's been pretty hectic leading up to Christmas and Ikkicon but things have certainly settled down now, and I have just a few commissions to knock out before I can ease back into the natural swing of things. Which reminds me I'm (finally) getting off my ass and starting college! Online Veterinary Technician school through Pen Foster! I'm pretty excited and I hope it won't take too much from my cosplay time but we shall see, since it's online I can go at my own pace, but I don't want to procrastinate any longer than I already have!!

Cosplay and Art~
Cosplay wise I can finally get a jump back on my Lady from DMC3 and my boyfriends Vergil cosplay, start my Moira RE: Rev2, and do finishing touches on that "secret cosplay" I totally forgot to put a teaser picture of up. XD Art wise, well more like craft wise, I'll be taking commissions on Poke'mon eggs and sleep masks, those were the thing I sold at my booth at Ikkicon and they were a pretty good hit! (Pictures in my gallery soon!) =D When I eventually do another booth I will however try to do some art prints because that is soooo less stressful on me than hand making all those plushies!

The next conventions I am looking at attending are as follows, Dallas Comic Con Fan Days as Carol Peletier, and YES I am soooo getting a picture with Melissa McBride! (Carol from The Walking Dead) I'm super excited!
All Con as my Fawn. Walker Stalker Con as Carol Peletier. I reeeeeaaaallly hope Norman Reedus (Daryl Dixon from The Walking Dead) shows up since ya know he cancelled two days before the con I was SUPPOSED to see him at a few years back. T.T But so far he's not listed. =( Ah well even if he doesn't go I certainly still am!
And after those cons will be my normal cons but I won't mark them down till time comes closer. ^^

Well I do believe that's it for now, I'm sure I'm forgetting a few things but eh. Till next time my lovelies!~~

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